Baby, It’s Cold Outside

We’re having a bona fide blizzard! Yeah, we are.

Good parts are:
No work.

I get to finish promo and actually write this little Valentine’s Day story.

No shoveling! Hubby bought big bags of the MELT stuff and we’re throwing it out there so the snow doesn’t accumulate on the walk very much to begin with. Preventative Maintenance it’s the way to go. Now somebody tell the City, huh? There’s no way I’m gonna shovel the predicted snowfall amount off that crappy sidewalk. In the end, that was a good thing as someone from the City (which is supposedly closed today) drove by in a City Car, slowed along my house/walk, then disappeared. Sorry, guys, I know I’m a pain in your ass, but you’re not getting me for not shoveling that damn mess. Besides, I have up to 24 hours AFTER the snowfall to clear the walk.

The snow is nicely covering the new parking lot blocking the black asphalt from view and making the thing almost look something near ‘ok’.

Bad parts are:
Predicted snowfall total keeps changing. Last I looked, which was about 5 minutes ago, The Weather Channel says today 2-3 inches, overnight 10-15 inches, tomorrow 3-5 inches. If we should actually get the high end of that it’s 23 inches, just under TWO FEET. Have I mentioned that I happen to be 5’3? Yeah, I may not be going anywhere for quite a while.🙂

Oh well, I went shopping yesterday. I suppose I should do the laundry in case the power goes out we’ll have clean clothes. I don’t have to worry about the meat I just bought, if the power goes out, I’ll stick it in ice boxes packed with snow and put them on the deck. We managed to get a grand total of 10 gallons of diesel to keep the house above freezing.

I’ll start taking pictures in a little bit to document the blizzard which everyone is comparing to the Blizzard of ’78 and reminding me that it was 35 Years Ago This Week. It’s bad enough that last week I figured out 2014 is my 30th high school reunion! Now they gotta throw another 5 years at me.😦

Oh bother.

I remember the Blizzard of ’78 very well. I was young and so were my friends. We had the biggest blast sliding down the street on our sleds. There were no cars to watch out for. The little street that hooks off the bottom of my street was completely snowed in. The plow came by very sporadically and we spent the whole day zipping down the hill. Man, was that fun!🙂 Steven had a big hill in his yard and it got slick and icy. We’d scramble to the top and zip down. If you were good at it, when you got to the bottom, you banked the sled hard to the right, turned the corner, and were in a small drainage ditch that would zoom your ass right down to the railroad tracks! That was better than any roller coaster I ever paid to ride. Of course if you weren’t good, you crashed into the fence and the wall, gnashed your teeth through your lip, went home crying. Yeah, been there, done that too!

We picked icicles more than two feet long hanging so low from roof tops we could reach up and snap them off. We sucked on them like ice pops and threw snowballs at each other. It really was a Winter Wonderland. It was right out of Courier and Ives or maybe even Norman Rockwell. Good times. Probably the best week of my childhood. Just me, Rob, and Steve running crazy in the snow. No cars. No school. Everything was so quiet once the shoveling was over. Peaceful and soft like the snow.

Of course back then, neighbors helped neighbors. We did our share of shoveling. The neighbors got together, did one walk, then went on to do another until the street was done rather than trying to do just their walks by themselves. Ahhh….the Good old Days. We did our share of pushing cars that were foolish enough to try to make it up this hill. Neighbors would flood into the street upon hearing the call of spinning tired and engine going nowhere fast and help out a complete stranger. Mostly it was help them push the car back down the street! LOL Turn it around, go home, walk to wherever you gotta go.

Now I’m 47 so things are a little different.I’m not sliding down the hill. Not making the bank shot. I still think its fun I just don’t want to walk back up the hill anymore. Too old. Too many miles to do that more than once. Push the car? Eh….I got a bad lower back, man, I’d rather not. 🙂

Right now it’s time to try our hand at this little Valentine’s Day story. Perhaps the cozy snow is just what’s in order for a romantic mood. Wish me luck!


In the time it took to me to write this, the predicted total snowfall amount rose to….36-40 inches!

Yep, I may not be going anywhere for quite a while.

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  1. lol yeah you are 5’3″ but I am 4’11” and I just checked with wtnh and I just heard we are up to 30inches of snow and winds up to 50mph. If you need anything we are just over the bridge in Groton, Please come if you lose power. Love ya mom!

  2. Sounds like you are having fun!!

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