The Blizzard of 2013

I’m alive! We survived! Thankfully we didn’t even lose power so all is well. We did, however, get a freakin’ massive amount of snow! Geez, I haven’t seen it like this since my girls were little and we lived on Pequot Ave.

We had Thundersnow, which is pretty cool. We had a lot of wind and a lot of sleet, a lot of freezing rain, and a lot of snow. Which made for a nasty mix when trying to dig out from under the 2.5 feet we got. I walked across the top of it for a good long while, that shows you how hard it was to shovel. Here and there, I fell through but not too much. When we got to removing the layers, the inner parts had the wonderful blue glow to them. So yeah, we got slammed.

Click to make the images bigger and get the full effect😉










That’s some deep heavy crap! The really bad news is I lost a tree down in back for sure. This leaves me with wider view of the ever lovin’ parking lot! grrrrrrrr. I think there are two more down back there, one just over the fence, and I’ve lost my lovely boxwood that had the sprays of honeysuckle growing out of it! DAMN! I LOVED the bush! Not sure my Nectarine tree will make it, it’s down on the ground with ice and snow. You can see it just behind the toilet.

Also not sure my Smoke Bush will make it as it’s branches are rather willowy and it’s heavily bogged down. That’s Picture #3, so just to give you an idea of how deep it is on its own…take a look at Picture #3. See those reedy things sticking just out of the snow? That’s the remnants of Purple Cone Flower growing in the boat! Those things are at least 1.5 feet tall!

Good news is our neighbor had a snow plow and was ever so kind! He plowed out our driveway, the neighbors driveway and did the street so we don’t have to deal with the little game trail the city usually leaves us.🙂 Thank you!!!!!

More good news is; half of Valentine’s Day on Olympus is done! I’ve done Alena’s POV and now working on Ares’ POV. I’ve stopped short of the actual sex and am reserving it. I think this will be woven into “Kingdoms of War” so instead of being a short story on its own it’s a sneak peek into the upcoming novel. I guess that works. Wanna peek?

From Valentine’s Day on Olympus
by Lisa Beth Darling
Copyright 2013-All Rights Reserved

Alena pushed the robe aside a small ways to show him the high-heeled leather boots but not their full length, “I thought you’d like them.”

“You know I like you best naked, sweaty, and moaning beneath me, but, those look promising. Show me the rest.”

“Later, you should fuel up first,” Alena challenged with a smirk before dropping to the floor on all fours and slowly crawling over the pillows to the tray of food and drink. Rolling over on her side, she gave him a seductive gaze with her heated stormy eyes, “Aren’t you going to join me?”

Ares licked his bottom lip to clear the drool peeking out the corner, “Coming.”

“Not yet, you’re not. Soon maybe, if you’re a very lucky boy,” she cooed and popped a grape between her moist lips. “Why don’t you take off those boots and that heavy vest? The sword, I don’t think you’ll be needing that.”

Unaccustomed to having his Wife take such charge, Ares let the vest drop to the floor weapons and all as he stepped out of the steel-toed boots before walking over the soft pillows to sit down at her side. “What are you up to?”

Staring at him with sparkling eyes full of desire, she handed him a fresh chalice of Nectar as she answered, “Spending some quality time with my Husband.”

“I think there’s a little more to it than that,” Ares said taking the chalice from her delicate hand and raising it to his lips. Keeping his eyes fixed to hers, he reached out with the other hand for the robe but she was quick and she pushed it away. “I want to see.”

“All Good Things to Those Who Wait,” she chimed. “It’s been three weeks since I even saw your face, do we have to rush?”

Ares realized he could be a bit of wolf from time to time and she was right, it was almost since they’d been in the same room and before that, he couldn’t remember how long it was since he’d seen her. Cleaning up the tattered remains of the Mortal World had taken its toll on their marriage and when Zeus died so unexpectedly and Ares took on the responsibilities of ruling Olympus things only got worse. If he wasn’t trying to put something back together in the Mortal World he was trying to keep the Olympians happy—a thankless task if there ever was one. Aphrodite and Apollo were at each other’s throats. Hera was still deep in the clutches of grief over the loss of her cantankerous Husband. Eros, also in mourning over the loss of his dear Onya, had taken to brooding inside his Tower and not coming out. Hades was busy complaining about the extra work in the Under World and demanding Ares put an end to the carnage. For the next forty-eight hours none of that mattered and he was damned if he would allow it to intrude here. “No, no, rush.” Ares held his arm open for her to come nuzzle into his side by the fire. Laying together, they drank in not only the Nectar but the heat of the fire and the quiet peace of the cave, letting it all settle deep into their bones and wash away the distance between them. They let the Nectar lightly intoxicate them as the plate of meat, cheese, breads, and fruits filled their stomachs. Ares filled in Alena on what was happening in the Mortal World as gently as he could. With the platter empty along with the pitcher of Nectar, he kissed the side of her head, “I missed you,” he admitted softly.

“I missed you too,” Alena sighed putting down the empty chalice and burying her face between his hard pecs. She laid soft kissed in the heavy mat of fur listening to heartbeat quicken with each peck and lick. When it reached the pace of gently galloping horse she added darkly, “You’ve been such a bad boy.” As his heart skipped a beat, she bit down on a hard nipple and gave it a shake with her teeth feeling Ares’ body arch upward as it broke out in goose bumps. “A very bad boy, I’m afraid.”
With a sudden bolt of excitement shooting through him, Ares tried to regain control as he swallowed hard and light bead of sweat broke out on his brow, “Me? Bad? No, no.” His gaze fell down her body fitted so neatly into his side and to those leather heeled boots on her feet. Another heated rush ran wildly through him.

“Yes,” Alena insisted softly as she rose up on one elbow to look him in the eye, “you’ve neglected your Wife. You’ve left here alone to fend for herself, to long for you in the night, curling up to only a pillow as she dreams of you. Bad boy.” She chided as she grabbed the hair on his chin, gave it a harsh yank as she pulled his gaze back to meet hers. “What should I do with you?”

The eyes holding his deftly were glowing with anticipation, “Well, I don’t kno—what have you done with my Wife?” Alena was never demanding, never take charge in bed, she was always the submissive and content to be so. Out of the corner of his onyx eye he watched her hand slide over the red silky, down the curve of her hips to her knees where she gathered up the material revealing the boots on her feet. Slowly hiking the robe all the way up her thigh, Ares started panting as his nostrils flared. “Very nice,” he complimented in a heavy whisper. “But again, what did you do with my Wife?”

Alena smirked and gave his beard another tug before getting to her knees and then to her feet where she kicked the pillows aside. With smoky eye, she let her fingers rolling over her neck, down her breasts, and along the part of the robe before they touched upon the bow keeping it closed. “I am your Wife,” Alena whispered letting the robe fall to the floor. “Wife to the God of War.”

I’m off to enjoy a movie or two with hubby and some comfort food on the cold day. I’ll get back to our story tomorrow. Looking forward a lovely evening ahead😉 I hope you are too.

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  1. I got chilled just looking at your snow pictures, but reading your excerpt warmed me up! Good post.

  2. Donna Ruggieri

    What a wonderful thing to come out if the cold for! I’ve been shoveling most if the day, my back is killing me and our street still isn’t plowed yet! I was so happy to spend a little time with Ares and Alena when I came in – warmed me up real quick! Thanks Lisa! I hope you and hubby enjoy relaxing with a movie or two!

  3. zeus dead? YES YES YES YES
    i’ll go back reading the rest now but had to shout out my joy first!!!!

  4. full comment now.
    WOW what a heap os snow that looks like what we had over the last 20 years in one huge pile!! kids would love that, not sure about the parents and other adults. make sure hubbie has sunglasses on when shoveling = most don’t think of it but the reflection of the sun on the snow will blind you.

    as for the sneak peak. it’s a horrible tease!!!! the big guy should spank you! wait , you may even like that … he’ll come up with something!!
    i’m still smiling at the fact that zeus is dead, good riddance. sad about onya ;( how will they all pull through, how did this all affect Raven? so much to look forward too.

  5. So glad you made it through the snow okay.

  6. Glad to hear that you faired well in the storm. Stay safe and warm (heard roadways were almost back to norm…)

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