Release Party!

Our little FaceBook event for “Women of War” is in full swing! I know, it took a while…work was a real bitch today! That damn phone didn’t stop ringing for more than a minute! I couldn’t get to my own party, not even for a second, until almost 1 o’clock! People must have started thinking that I wasn’t coming. BUT, the day’s over….phew. Hopefully tomorrow might be a little calmer but no promises we’re in the middle of a massive project and life revolves around it until its over and done. There is nothing but Millstone as far as the eye can see just Millstone, Millstone, Millstone…I’m tellin’ ya I hated that power plant before they built it and they ain’t doin’ nuttin’ to change my mind! LOL

I have 3 guest spots today EACH one has its own e-book giveaway for “Women of War” so run on over to these sites, check out the new interviews/spots and, of course….


1-Sam, Elena, and Rhonda’s Awesomeness with a promo spot AND giveaway!

2- Romancing the Darkside the first half of “Valentine’s Day on the Island” and giveaway!

3- Read Between the Lines author spot light and giveaway!

You won’t be getting the hot steamy portion of “Valentine’s Day on the Island” on either guest post, you can only read ‘the good stuff’ by clicking the picture above and going to my site. This is also a little peek into “Kingdoms of War” so you may find a few interesting tid-bits mixed in with the fluff.😉

Here’s where I ask for YOUR HELP….The OF WAR Series Anthology is FREE tomorrow 2/14 and 2/15 so SPREAD THE WORD! Post, blog, tweet, mass email, bonk people over the head (not hard), whatever it is you do and wherever it is you do it just please do it! The Anthology does not include “Women of War” but does have the first four stories in the series. Please shot gun this information to the world for me with this link It stops being a Kindle Select Exclusive on 2/18 and, at that time, it may disappear altogether. Not sure yet. We’ll see how it goes. Do ebooks become worth money if they’re out of print or limited edition? Hummm…I dunno.

If you have NOT joined the FaceBook Event yet…please do so! Our GRAND PRIZE Contest is already underway, up for grabs is a signed paperback of “Child of War-A God is Born” with the only blue cover ever printed! So…should Fate be kind and I hit it big one day, this book could be worth something. Join the FaceBook Event. The contest ends 10pm 2/15. The objective is to tell me in 50 words or less just why you love Ares. Best entry gets the book. I’ve already given away a few bookmarks and 3 coffee mugs. More prizes to come! Including two copies of “The Heart of War-The Hanged Man”. Only 3 copies of this booklet ever sold to the pubic and I kept the other 5. This is the first six chapters of the original “The Heart of War” and was produced when I was considering making the first novel into a serial. These two copies are signed and, again, if I ever hit it big, they could be worth something to you one day. Then again, I could be Van Gogh and die without selling a damn thing…oh no wait, I can’t…I’ve sold over a thousand copies! I’m doing better than Van Gogh and I still have two ears! Hey, go me! hahahaha

Look for more guest spots tomorrow! And enter the giveaways! If you don’t want to risk not winning a copy TODAY is the LAST DAY to get an e-book of “Women of War” for $2.99! It’s already $3.99 on Kindle, Nook, All Romance E-Books, and Smashwords. Order here.

Off to attend my party and then to collapse with Karen’s DVDs tonight. I think I deserve a little treat.🙂

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