I’m So Tired

Yes, you must watch the video…especially if you have NEVER seen this before. Got it? Trust me, it’s definitely worth it😉

Yep, I’m whooped. Looking very forward to crawling into my bed tonight or even in 10 minutes or so! LOL The work day did not stop today! I even had to stay an extra half-hour just to close out the day. My boss is going on vacation for two weeks…hopefully we’ve got everything caught up, ya know, with Millstone and all. OY!

I’ve spent a lot of time on my Release Extravaganza. I’ve done my best to engage my readers on FaceBook and everywhere else. These are definitely the days that I wish I had an agent, an editor, a PR person, and a general lackey. Ya know, someone to do small stuff like get me coffee and rub my feet. (I know…that’s horrible!)

I’ve had a lot of fun on FaceBook with some of my readers, they’re awesome. The “die hard” “fans”…I don’t know where I’d be without them.

Stuck writing fan fiction for the rest of your life

Now, that’s not nice, I wasn’t ‘stuck’….

(clears his throat loudly)

Ok fine, maybe a little ‘stuck’. But I picked up a lot of my core readership there.

…And on LitErotica…with ME

Egos abound…got bow when/where necessary.

Ok fine. You win. It was always *you* ok? Not ‘Danny’…you.

Yeah, yeah, yeah….ain’t it always?

But I wish more people would engage. I put this event on for them and 63 of them said they would come. Only about 10 (or so) actually interact with me. I find that very disheartening. I know I know…

There are far more Lurkers than Posters in this world


Still disheartening.

Total bummer actually.

But…not much I can do about it either.

I don’t mean to sound bitchy or ungrateful….VERY FAR from it! I ADORE my Constant Readers and my “die hard fans” (I hate the word ‘fans’ when applied to me, I really do) but I know there are more out there. I’d like to know who they are. I don’t know why they won’t poke their heads up just to say ‘hi’. I’m really very friendly.🙂

The week has also been long. We had a nice blizzard. Do you know, as of yesterday, parts of CT were still closed?! OMG. When I finally got into work on Tuesday…no one had shoveled. No one plowed. I parked the truck and stood looking at the hall wondering how I was getting in! It took a while but I finally decided on what I thought was the best way to get up to the front door and ended up hip-deep in snow…twice. The rest of the way was only knee to thigh high! LOL I was cold and wet when I got in. Opened everything up then, grateful no one was in yet, took off my boots and my socks. Shook out my jeans and put everything back on again. We also ended up about $300.00 overdrawn with the bank due, in part to the storm, and in part to the fact that I’m just an idiot. Spent a poor but happy week. We had food, heat, entertainment, and each other so…what more could you want even if you are MORE than flat broke.😉 Although, yes, it was very stressful. But, I’ve had 30 years practice at this so it’s really not a major deal anymore. LOL I’d rather be poor and happy then rich and miserable any day. But, yeah, I wouldn’t mind trying out Rich AND Happy for a few days…at least.

Pay day was today so, for a little while, we’re

Then again we need oil, new brakes for the Explorer–did I mention it started making a HORRIBLE noise on Tuesday? Hubby and I drove into work together because the roads were so shitty and we were so broke we left my truck in the driveway. The Explorer made a ‘chunk chunk chunk’ each time the brakes were applied. So…we’ve been down to ONE vehicle this week on top of everything else! Whooo-hoo. (snicker) Need to pay the electric bill (greedy bastards!) and get some food.

Oh well….

Time for a pizza or Chinese food or something….then a hot bath and some sleep.

G’night all!

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  1. Peaking in and stepping out of the lurk to say HI! Waves happily!! Thank you for the fun post and making me smile and all your efforts will not be unrewarded🙂 Stealing your “tired” video and liking it to this post for others to come by and enjoy, Chinese, bath, and sleep sounds like the right RX to me.

    • Hi. I’m glad you stepped out of the shadows🙂 I love that video it always makes me laugh. Thanks for helping spread the word, I appreciate it very much!

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