Last Day to Party!

I’m going to make another blog entry as soon as I catch my breath. For now, this is just to help anyone out there who doesn’t know what’s going catch up with us.

“Women of War” Release Extravaganza ENDS TONIGHT. I’ve had a great time doing the guest spots and being able to interact with some of my readers these last two days. I gave some great prizes but the Grand Prize is still to come. If you want to get in on the last frays of the fun and maybe win some cool prizes Join the Facebook Event.

If you want to WIN and EBOOK copy of “Women of War” you should enter any (or all!) of the guest spots associated with this little party:

Sam, Elena, and Rhonda’s Awesomeness(if you’re looking chance to win try this one. No one has commented here😦

Romancing the Darkside

Read Between The Lines (another good chance to win. No comments.😦 Hate it when that happens.)

The Book Nympho

Paromantasy Evie interviews Ares & Family (only one comment here and this is a good interview! *sigh*)

Kristina interviews Ares

Nulli Para Ora Nulli interviews the Women of War–very cool interview with The Ladies, I think you’ll like it. (no comments here, another good chance to win!)

Prufreads A very interesting author interview.

That’s it for the giveaways. You may be wondering why I did it like this, saving all of the giveaways for the blog posts. I love my bloggers! They work sooo hard and diligently on my behalf and on behalf of dozens of other Indie Writers like me, they really really do! I wanted to support them as best I could. If you go over to their sites, read the stuff, check out some more stuff, you may find a cool new place to hang out and pick up some good books. If it weren’t for these people then Indie Writers like me would have a much harder time getting our ‘visibility’ up!

I hope you’ve enjoyed these extravaganza as much as I have.

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  1. LorettaLynn

    Entered🙂 Looking forward to reading it, can’t wait

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