Staring at the Wall

The big Release Extravaganza is over. Phew. That was fun but it was tiring. However, chalk one up for Aunty Moon, I did manage to Stump the Audience on the very last question. If you can answer it (and you weren’t on the FB Event where the answer has been revealed!) I’ll send YOU a signed bookmark:

QUESTION: The entire OF WAR Series in dedicated to 3 individuals; name them and tell me who/what they are.

If you know, leave a comment below.

All-in-all, I think I managed to giveaway 230 copies of the OF WAR Anthology. Not what I would have liked it to be but it’s ok, I guess. That thing comes off Kindle Tuesday, so if you still want a copy you better get it while you can. I’ve decided to make it available at certain times of the year or for a last big promo when “Kingdoms” is done. I might sell it through my site only until then but, any way you look it, it’s coming off Kindle on Tuesday. I only put it up as a promotional tool to begin with.

I didn’t do much yesterday. Well, that’s not true. We went to Nikki’s for supper last night, they moved into a new place. Very nice. Much bigger. She made a spaghetti dinner and did a very good job. It was nice to go to someone else’s house for dinner for once and not have to do anything. LOL I’ve been waiting to do that for almost 30 years!

Other than that, I spent the day cleaning up my hard drive. I collect a lot of shit when I’m writing! A LOT! And it all gets dumped into one folder. I didn’t get the chance to clean it up or clean it up between “Rising Son” and “Women” so I took the opportunity to do that yesterday. Got everything put away nice and neat, got rid of a ton of crap and made some room on Ye Olde Hard Drive as well. Backed it all up and put it all to bed. I’m trying to clear the road, ya know? Make a path. So the road in front of me that looks more like this


and less like this


(Anybody out there know what this?)

Or worse…like this…


(Still don’t know? Humph.)

I’m in that horribly wonderful in-between-place trying not to look back but not knowing exactly what’s ahead either. At least I have a start this time. I don’t think I’ve ever begun a book with so much of it already written. I’ve got “Valentine’s Day” down but it’ll be tweaked to fit when the time comes. I’ve got about 80 pages left over from “Rising Son” to kick us off. Kinda weird to have so many large stepping stones to start me off. Of course there’s a whole bunch of slippery little rocks between them and it’s always easy to fall and be swept away by the swift moving current.

Mostly I’m bored. I never know what to do with myself if I don’t have a story to write. But it’s not time to get going just yet. It’s Rest Time. In a few weeks, when the crocuses pop their heads out of a blanket of snow it’ll be time to let the quickening carry me away. But not until then. Until it’s hibernation time. Promos all over and done. I have two guest spots ahead of me and they’re just straight promo spots. Nothing to them.

It’s these two or three weeks in-between time that are a killer. For one, it’s lonely as hell! The Voices stop talking because they’re resting up. I’m a writer, all of my best friends are in my head. I really could live very happily all by myself on some tiny tropical island so long as I had a computer and Internet access. I’d never want for friends or company because they’re with me wherever I go. My husband finds that annoying. But, what can I say? I’m a writer, therefore not only do I ‘lie for a meager living’, I live most of my life inside my own head.

So, yes, it makes for a terribly lonely little stretch of time. I should use this time to go ‘out there’ and see what’s going on in the world but…it’s cold outside. There’s nothing going on. I’m fairly certain of that, not anything I want to participate in any way.

By the time it’s time to step out the door in my head and put my feet on the road, I may just have a huge brick wall in front of me. I always hate tearing down brick walls so I can start a journey. Then again, this last journey in the series is bound to be a doozie. Yes, it is.

(I think Bowie would make an awesome Apollo!)

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  1. My guess : the series is dedicated to your two daughters and husband? Niki, Becca and Roy.

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