Is it Only Monday

Well, then that sucks.🙂

I got most of my prizes all neatly wrapped up and ready to ship out, loaded them into the truck, said ‘good-bye’ to hubby this morning cuz he got to stay home for the “holiday” and I did not. I went to work. I did my thing. I stayed late on Friday so I went home early today to be with my hubby. But…on my way home I figured I’d stop by the Post Office and finish the shipping end of my little release party. I drove to the Post Office. I pulled in with no problem.

(Stop laughing at me!)

The parking lot was empty and I thought; Oh, this is good, I’ll get right in and right out.

Yeah. I know.

I got to the door and it was…locked.

Fuckin’ President’s Day!🙂

I’ll have to send them off tomorrow. The kicker is, I was waiting to send out the signed hard covers of “Women of War” hoping the last shipment would arrive TODAY. Yeah, not gonna happen, I know. I know. I wanted to make two trips max to the Post Office. Bummer. I still have to order the cups and the notebook but I might have them shipped direct instead of being the middle man on that one. Someone on FB swears they won something from me and I can’t find them for shit! I’ve looked at every giveaway and made a list so carefully that I feel like Santa Claus…and they are not on it. I don’t know what to do about that.

The good news is, even with the nasty overdraft charges this week, I did manage to pay the electric bill (Gods I detest CL&P!) and order 50 gallons of oil…$230.00 thankyouverymuch. I tried to get the oil on Friday so we’d be nice and toasty warm all through this very blustery weekend but…no. Queen Bee Oil wanted to charge me $232.00 and they wouldn’t be able to deliver until today. That’s the second time in a row they told they would be unable to give me same-day delivery on a Friday in the middle of winter. Yes, they are losing my business very rapidly. It’s too bad. I liked them. Then work got horribly busy and I didn’t get to pee let alone place an order for oil. Totally forgot about it until around 5 o’clock Friday night when hubby said “Did you get oil?”


I had to order it this morning. Good thing body heat works just as well as oil, huh?😉

I got it from Any Time Fuel, they said they’d be here today and charged me $2.00 less. They should be here soon and I can move the thermostat from a chilly 55 to something near 63. It was COLD this weekend! Oh and WINDY! Hubby was upstairs playing his game and I was down on the couch watching “Xena” (thanks Karen!), I had Harry on my lap, we were snuggled in a blanket watching …him…and all of a sudden a great gust game up and made the cat jump. I swear I heard the sharp buzz of electricity zipping around somewhere. I was afraid the power lines were going to fall or the transformer across the street was going to go. When there wasn’t any smoke or fire we settled down again to finish watching our favorite DVDs. However, that wasn’t the last time the sound was heard. Hubby said it was the window screens but…I dunno.

It was a very strange sound. Like someone threw the switch on the Electric Chair. Weird.

I came home today, after my disastrous trip to the Post Office, and hubby has dinner already made. Chicken Cacciatore, it smells delicious.

I did manage to crack “Kingdoms of War” yesterday and write what will hopefully be the first couple of paragraphs. The trouble with starting out with so much already written is we to have chisel away it now to make it fit. Not so easy but we’ll manage. I know, I’m pushing it too soon but I can’t stand staying stagnant this way. I feel so lost. Like I have no purpose. Just floating around untethered looking for a place to land. Nope, not my favorite sensation.

Back to the Post Office and to work tomorrow. It’s really starting to become a drain but…whatareyagonnado? Until I can pull down a substantial amount of money with these stories of mine, I’m stuck in The Grind like everyone else. I just keep telling myself that it’s only a job, it’s only work, it’s not what I do, it’s not who I am, and in the Grand Scheme of My Life it doesn’t matter. It’s just a paycheck and nothing more. Be nice if I ever get the raise that’s 2 months over due but…WTF, right? Yeah, that don’t do much for my ‘sunny disposition’, it surely does not.

I think I’ll try to do something with Ares and Alena for a few minutes and then head to the couch for a movie. Good thing the package stores aren’t closed on President’s Day. I picked up a big bottle of Pinnacle Chocolate Whipped. I’m still hunting for Soco Cherry with no luck.😦

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  1. Don’t feel bad. I just got ur blog post notification after my dumb ass returned from checkingmy mail box…


  2. Fred the Wolf

    Damn I miss his Cacciatore was one of his best dishes. freeze and fedex me a big batch for family please

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