State of the State

I suppose I should have called this post ‘Rantin’ and Ravin’ but…oh well.

I woke up this morning, stumbled downstairs for my coffee and GMA.

Welcome back Robin!

Gee, I missed her. I really did.

Before GMA came on, my local news informed of impending changes in the State of Connecticut. Hummmm…..

Some non-thinking lawmaker now wants Citizens of the Great State of Connecticut to become certified in CPR before they get a driver’s license. (Shakin’ My Head) I’ve said for years that the State no longer wants people to drive legally. If they did, they wouldn’t make it so damn hard to get a license. I think their warped reasoning is this; the fewer people who drive legally, the more who drive illegally, the more people the cops can catch and give a ticket to. Therefore; the fewer legal drivers the more money in the coffers of the State of Connecticut via fines. Let’s face it, you can get your license for $60.00 for 4 years. BUT if you get caught just once driving without a license…$350.00!

See how that works in their favor.

I am not blind.

The (totally unnecessary) CPR thing is on top of oodles of new restrictions on those learning to drive no matter their age–that’s right a full-fledged adult gets treated no better than your average 17 year-old–an 8 hour Drug and Alcohol Class, and over 100 questions on the ‘written’ test. Let’s not forget the road test. When I got my license, I took 50 hours (I think it was 50) of Driver’s Ed, answered a 20 question ‘written’ test and then the road test. But, back then, seat belts weren’t even mandatory.

Here’s an idea for the ‘written’ test–make it English Only. There’s an idea. No, I’m not racist. I’m logical. ALL the ROAD SIGNS are written in ENGLISH so any potential driver really NEEDS to know how to read English. If they don’t they’re a hazard on the road. There is no reason to cater to them by giving them a ‘written’ test in whatever their native language is.

Some other (or it could be the same) non-thinking lawmaker now wants it to be illegal to smoke in your own car if you have a child 6 or under in the car with you. I thought it was bad enough when they forced me to wear a seat belt! People scream about ‘rights’ and ‘personal liberties’ these days over shit that kinda/sorta could use a little restriction but shit like this is ok with them. I don’t get it. So now, I’ll have cops watching people go by to see if they’re smoking a cigarette? If they are he’s supposed to look for a baby seat or something? I think cops have better things to do. I think there are real criminals out there and perhaps they should be caught. Just a thought. What’s next? I can’t smoke in my own friggin’ HOUSE? Cigarettes are over $8.00/pack. You’d think smokers would get some minor considerations (even an actual ‘thank you’) for all of the money we put into the State coffers on top of our regular taxes but…no.

Lastly, yet another non-thinking lawmaker now wants to have mandatory inspections for cars with 100,000 miles or more. WTF? Yep, another money maker for the State! See, if your car is 25 years or older you stop paying taxes on it here. If your car is 25 years or older it’s probably got at least 100,000 miles on it. So, if they can’t collect a property tax on it they’ll collect a ‘inspection fee’ instead. THEN they’ll tell you they think your car is ‘unsafe’ and take it away from you. BUT they won’t replace it. You’ll just be SOL and walking everywhere you have to go.

Welcome to Freakin’ Connecticut! Where we dictate every move you make when it comes to dumb shit. On big shit…eh…we don’t care so much.

I’m just waiting for them to follow Bloomberg and outlaw super-sized sodas.

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