I’m Home!

And I couldn’t be happier!

They’re ripping up the floors in the Union Hall and making quite a mess. Not to mention the noise and the smell…ick. This is the second day that I came home with a headache. BUT they’re done with the ripping so the noise should be over and done with. Tomorrow they start laying tile and I’m told there will be minor fumes from the glue.

Oh joy.

The other stuff is bad enough, if Chris hadn’t been out at appointments all day I would have packed it in and gone home somewhere around 10 o’clock. They’ve promised to open windows and doors for me if I want them to while they lay the tile. It’s freakin’ cold, man, I don’t want those guys to freeze just so I can have some fresh air. I don’t wanna freeze either! LOL

I don’t know much about flooring but I’m pretty sure they’re doing a good job. I wouldn’t mind having one of those machines that ripped out the old flooring, I could use it in my bathroom! Gee, I wonder can you do the walls with it too? That thing should rip out that old black and white tile in no time! hahaha. I have no idea what the new floor is going to look like but I’m sure it will be better than the old floor which was kind of a faded/overly walked on grayish color. I think they’re hoping to be done by or on Friday. That would be nice cuz it’s making things a little difficult for members to get in…and out…of the Union Hall.

The good thing about the temporary chaos is they’re all very nice guys. So that’s helpful. And they’re learning how to do this type of work which is good too, a little ‘hands on training’ never hurts.

But right now my head is throbbing so I think I’m headed to the couch for a little TV and a big cup of coffee. Gods I miss the coffee pot at work! I hope they replace it one day. Me need java or me no function.🙂

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  1. *hands over a huge bottle of pills*
    (and i got the lovely bookmark today = love it!)

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