Recasting The Heart of War Movie

I had one last promo spot to do and I dragged my feet over it horribly! I really just couldn’t do one more author or character interview without feeling violently ill. I loved the last round of character interviews because those blog owners asked the questions. Usually I have to come up with the questions and do the whole thing. Since I already know all there is to know about any given character of mine finding new things to ask them is a difficult task. So I hemmed and hawed over the entry when inspiration struck. People are always coming in to that old post on this blog “The Heart of War-The Movie”, I figured since people seem attracted to it I’d do another one. So I put on my Casting Director’s Hat, got comfy on The Couch, and came up with a new list.

I worked on it all day Sunday and finally sent it off. You can see it on Book Lover’s Hideaway. You can also see the NEW 5 STAR review! Woot-woot! Yep, I still love it when that happens.🙂

Go check out my new picks for The Cast and let me know what you think!

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