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Shortly before going to bed last night, as I was playing Words with Friends and watching TV out of the corner of my eye, a FB friend posted an Amber Alert for my area. I admit I usually ignore these things. That’s bad, I know. Usually they’re not in my area and I figure they’re probably not coming to my area (I wouldn’t). I had a nagging feeling that I should ‘share’ it. I ignored it. I went back to my game and finished up. I even logged off FB and then began chastising myself for not clicking the crappy ‘share’ button. The Amber Alert rolled by on the ticker on the screen. I logged back into FB, found the post and clicked ‘share’. Took 1/2 a second. Before I could log off one of my friends ‘shared’ the link. I felt better. Stupid…I know. The News brought me some of what was going on; a grandmother with ‘mental illness’ took her grandsons from a local daycare center and disappeared with them.

I got up this morning, popped my phone as I was getting dressed to check my email and was informed that this grandmother shot her 6 month-old grandson and her 2 year-old grandson before killing herself.


I will never understand the concept of killing kids and/or shooting babies. Never. The poor 2 year-old, it was his birthday. Breaks your heart, doesn’t it? I will also never understand the desire to take your loved ones with you when you decide to commit suicide. Nope. I’m not ‘in favor’ of suicide but if you’re gonna do it make sure it’s just you and nobody else. Believe it or not, after usually a rather short while, the lives of your loved ones will go on without you. They will miss you. They will wish you were here. If you really want to save them that pain…don’t commit suicide.

It’s fucked up.

My heart goes out to the mother of the two boys, I can’t image her pain level at this point in time. Wonder if grandma thought about that? Probably not because she was “mentally ill”. I just love how the media keeps tacking that on wherever they can, it really fuels the Gun Control Debate and keeps everyone distracted as they fight and bitch.

The Patch posted the article and MOST on the responses have simply been one line expressing condolences to the family, which is right and proper at a time like this and in a forum such as that. Others are bitchin’ their heads off about why shouldn’t they say whatever they want in whatever pitiful manner they want. Why shouldn’t they talk about Gun Control and how everything that’s bad in the world is the fault of Barack Obama? (Did I mention, most of them didn’t express any sympathy other than, maybe, just a little glossy ‘too bad’ or something like that?) And no ‘my side’ didn’t start it. In fact, ‘my side’ is trying to quell it on that thread. But others can’t see past their own noses and their own ‘rights’ to even take a glance at someone else’s pain. It’s too difficult for them. Their rallying cry is all about keeping gun out of the hands of the “mentally ill”.

Good idea. I expressed it decades ago and was told that would be a violation of the 2nd Amendment Rights of the “mentally ill”.



Now, the ‘pro gun’ folks are on board with that. BUT they don’t want to take any psychological evaluations when they go to buy a gun nor do they want to present any medical records, even a short doctor’s note saying; As far as I’m aware, this person’s mental health is in check. Signed, Dr. Feelgood.

So….how are we supposed to keep legally owned guns out of the hands of the “mentally ill”? How do we even find out how many legally owned guns are already in the hands of “mentally ill”? BTW, even in this great day and age, a large number of “mental illness” goes undiagnosed and untreated due to…oh yeah…lack of healthcare. (Don’t get the ‘pro gun’ folks started on THAT…oh no. Not unless you have an asbestos suit!)

It’s so fucked up it makes me want to throw my hands in the air and say; I quit. Go, all of you, shoot yourself, shoot each other, shoot your mother, I don’t give a flyin’ fuck anymore.

On another fucked up note, the News keeps bringing me The Pope. (Catholics, click out now, please.) Does this guy look like an evil son of a bitch or what???? I mean look at him….


Ratzinger. Even his name sounds like hell spat it out.

The Patch made the mistake of taking a poll and asking what kind of New Pope people would like to see. Oh boy!

Most people answered rather politely and had some good ideas. I checked the box that stated I would like to see a Pope who didn’t have his head up his ass. (Ok, that’s not exactly what it said but it’s close) Others offered comments that they’d like to see a; 1-married Pope, 2-A Pope who pays taxes (I’m likin’ that idea), 3-a female Pope (good luck!) or just one still young enough to chew his own meat or at least cut it up by himself.

One asshole, who I have the distinct displeasure of actually knowing, said he wanted a Pope who would excommunicate any politician who was in favor of a woman’s right to choose. THEN the jerk made the mistake of closing his post with ‘REPLY’.

Ok, I’d like to see a Pope who excommunicates ANYONE found guilty of diddling a child. That includes priests. No more shuffling them around from parish to parish to shove of on more unsuspecting and trusting kids.

He didn’t like that answer.

Poor baby. I know, I know, it isn’t exactly against ‘Holy Doctrine of Vatican’ to diddle a child…but don’t you dare engage in homosexuality! I know, I know, it’s far too much trouble to go down to catacombs, fight the spider, and even FIND the ‘Holy Doctrine of Vatican Law’ so it CAN be changed. I know, I know. (Oh, sorry, if you’re not a ‘South Park’ fan, you probably don’t get that one.)

Someone else posted that it still seemed to be ‘ok to Catholic bash’ in this age of ‘tolerance’.

No, it’s NOT ok to bash someone simply on the basis of their religion. BUT, if the Catholics were a little less hypocritical and actually had some humility (Jesus thought that was a good thing for people to have, btw) rather than telling everyone else they’re ‘going to hell’ if they don’t believe in the Christian “God”, then maybe they wouldn’t get ‘bashed’ quite so much. Let’s face it, The Inquisition was a hell of a thing, it really was. Smart people haven’t gotten over it yet. Not to mention the fact that people were put to death by the church for believing the world was round and/or that Earth was NOT the center of the universe.

In case you haven’t heard, both of those things were later found to be absolutely true. The world IS ROUND and it is NOT the center of the universe.

So, to all of the big mouthed Catholics out there; clean your own house first! I say that with all the love this old ex-Catholic heart can possibly muster. After actually practicing what you preach, such as NOT taking birth control (cough…choke) maybe you’ll have more credibility and maybe others will be more willing to listen. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve said it a thousand times, I have no problems with the Big JC or his Father. They’re both A-OK with me. It’s their followers that could be considered “mentally ill” at times and who I’d rather avoid like the Black Plague.

Besides, I mean, think about it; when is the last time a person of a non-Christian faith knocked on YOUR door out of the blue, unwanted, and uninvited, telling YOU that YOU are going to BURN IN HELL if you don’t accept the Big JC as your Personal Savior…right freakin’ now?

Face it folks, the Catholic Church has become a huge joke and rightly so. Too much ‘do what I SAY not what I DO’ going on for anyone to continue taking them seriously.

So, for myself, I certainly would not mind seeing a female married tax paying Pope! I have no problems with that. As for the Separation of Church and State, I think we should work on the Separation of Corporation and State at this particular juncture. Once The Church had a lot of pull but…neh…not so much anymore. It’s Exxon et al you gotta watch out for now!

Lastly, let’s end this on a ‘cheery’ note. Budweiser is being sued! Yep, that Great Old AMERICAN Beer…now owned by a German company…is watering down its beer! I believe it. I’ve had a Bud lately and, while it still has me making ‘Bitter Beer Face’ it don’t got the kick it once did. I guess that’s ok seeing as how Subway is also being sued. It seems their great ad for “Five Dollar Foot Longs” are misleading. Their “foot longs” are 10 1/2 to 11 inches!

I knew I was getting ripped off by both companies! LOL

Geez, my beer is watered down, my sandwich isn’t a foot long, some “mentally ill” person is going to shoot me and I’m gonna BURN IN HELL if I don’t (go backwards by) converting to Christianity…WTF? It’s hardly worth getting out of bed anymore.

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