Last night was Friday night and we had a tiny bit of cash so we decided to pick up and movie or two and go to dinner. After a little discussion, we decided on going to f.y.e. instead of Best Bud for movies as they have a better selection. We also decided we would eat in the Food Court of the Crystal Mall. BUT, when we walked through the Food Court on our way to f.y.e we decided against that and set about coming up with another plan.

First, the movies. I knew what hubby was going to pick before we left and I turned out to be right, he chose “Skyfall”. I had figured on getting either “Argo” or “Sinister”, when hubby was said he would watch “Sinister” with me, I got that one. He hates horror flicks and I never make him watch them with me unlike him who often makes me suffer through one bad war flick or another.๐Ÿ™‚ As we were checking out the gentleman behind the counter said to me that he wanted me to come back and tell him if “Sinister” was any good. He was on the fence about watching it. I knew what he meant. Horror flicks aren’t like other flicks, here you have much higher chance of going home with a heaping POS and thereby having thrown your $20.00 away. I told him I was hedging my bets with it.

Then we went out into the mall to discuss our dinner plans.


I really wanted to go to Olive Garden but I’m boycotting them. That meant we couldn’t go to Long Horn Steakhouse either. Outback? No. Ruby Tuesday? The one I time I ate there it sucked and I don’t know what their politics are so…no. I really really wanted that “free salad and bread sticks”. Hubby turned to me and said: “Well, this is when your principles get tested.”

“Yes,” I said, “it is.”

Olive Garden can keep their salad and bread sticks.

We decided to think and think of a good local place to eat…funny how the chain places became so convenient so quickly, isn’t it? How they overtook the ‘little guy’ to the point where we didn’t think of going to them anymore. Then Domino’s fucked up on its politics and forced me to get local pizza and we’ve been trying to ‘Dine Local’ ever since. Finally I said: “The Bulkeley House?”

And he smiled wide and off we went! Happy as clams. This is where hubby goes every Wednesday night for open mic, he’s pretty talented, ya know.

So we walked in the door of The Bulkeley House and suddenly there was a rousing cheer; “Roy!”

Yep, he’s a Rock Star.๐Ÿ™‚

There was Live Entertainment, the gentleman who runs the Wednesday Night Open Mic was playing for the dinner crowd. Hubby schmoozed. We ordered and got our appetizers; bourbon chicken wings. Oh my! Were they delicious! And messy! YUM-EEE. After that my hubby was ‘coaxed’ into going up on stage to play Star for a few songs. That was nice, I haven’t been in the audience when he plays in ages. I took to using the time he goes out to write long ago. Besides, I hear him practice these songs fifty times in a row. But it was very good to watch him up there doing his thing and having fun. He’s such a ham bone. I love him.

We had our dinner and then we made our way home. I made coffee, we settled in to watch “Sinister” and I reminded him for the last time that he didn’t have to watch it with me. I would take it upstairs and that was just fine. He said ‘no’ so we went forward.

I got 5 words to sum up this movie: It Sucks Salty Monkey Balls.

Total bummer.

It has its moments…few and far between but they’re there. On the whole it just reeks. I know the horror movie is bad when I find myself talking to the TV in disgust hoping the dumbass on the other side of the glass can hear me! LOL

So, if you haven’t seen it yet…don’t. Don’t even fish it out of the $5.00 bin, in fact I wouldn’t even suggest you borrow it from your buddy or watch the ‘edited’ version when it comes on TV.

Then it was upstairs to watch “Skyfall”. I hate to admit it but I love this guy! Seriously, I think Daniel Craig is the 2nd Best Bond Ever. Sean Connery will always be the Best Bond Ever…always. But Daniel Craig is riding right up Sean’s crack. hahaha Good movie! If you like James Bond, I definitely suggest you don’t wait for the $5.00 bin. The bad guy drove me bonkers almost right up to the end of the movie, I kept thinking someone had resurrected Raul Julia! I couldn’t place him for the life of me and he was sooo good. (That’s why I couldn’t place him! LOL) Near the end hubby turned to me and said: “Where we do know him from?”

My mouth shouted out: “No Country for Old Men!” 1-I hate that flick, not even my beloved Tommy Lee Jones could save it and 2-this guy hardly said a word through the whole stinking movie. I was very glad to know that he can act, he was very good in this flick.

However I did recognize old ‘Voldamort’ though hubby didn’t until I told him this morning.

We settled in for sleep. We were snoozing well…lately I’ve slept like a rock and had the most amazing dreams! I think my batteries are recharged๐Ÿ˜‰ But then, in the middle of the night, the room got hot and stuffy and everything was so quiet it woke us up. For 30 years I’ve had to sleep with a running fan for ‘white noise’ and now I can’t sleep without it. Hubby got up, looked out the window, and we saw the bright red and blue police lights. I knew some jackass took out the pole near the top of the street but he said he didn’t think so. After all, the loud sound of a crash isn’t what woke us. So I laid there, sleeping on and off, dreaming bits of vivid dreams, with my mind wandering to; Did you pay the electric bill?

Oh geez!

Over and over I told myself ‘yes’ I paid it nearly two weeks ago AND even though CL&P are assholes, they hardly ever come turn you off at 2am and bring the cops with them!

Yeah, I know my mind is a strange thing. I kept wondering where I was going to get my morning coffee. Obviously I wasn’t brewing any but neither was Dunkin’ Donuts…I had to remind myself I’m boycotting Dunkin’ Donuts so even if they were open they were out of the picture. Then I laid there wondering if my meat was defrosting yet.

Long about 6:30 this morning the power came back on. We snoozed deeply when the fan started spinning again. But it wasn’t enough. We were up by 8:00. Bummer. I was still faced with coffee problem as I didn’t have much left. Hubby made the last of it and then I went up to Sam’s, got cigs, and picked up a can of Folgers. Not my favorite but I did save a buck over buying a bag of Dunkin’ Donuts coffee.๐Ÿ™‚

As I pulled out of the driveway I saw the cops were still at the top of the street. I got the top of the street and sure enough, there they are replacing the pole. On my way back, I noticed the streetlight was a little fucked up and I’m thinking the car actually launched as it sped around the corner. Wouldn’t be the first time. Won’t be the last time. People misjudge that little corner often going both ways down Ocean Ave. They either hit that particular pole or the one across and a few yards down, sometimes they even launch over the railroad bridge and end up on the tracks fifty feet or so below.

But, as I look out my window right now almost all of the snow has melted away. No crocuses just yet but, given my dreams, I think we’ll crack “Kingdoms of War” today and try to get Alena and Raven’s relationship patched up right here at the beginning. Well, maybe not completely patched up but well on its way. Then we can trot off and try to put the world back together. That’s not gonna happen, not even a God can fix this mess but we’ll do what we can.๐Ÿ˜‰

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  1. lol, we did the ppv this weekend as we normally do, and paid 5.00 for Sinister as well… I thought it was supposed to be a horror movie… do they even know what HORROR is anymore… don’t think so…. lame very lame to say the least…

    • It was AWFUL! I’m so glad you agreed with me! It’s so hard to find a good horror flick, I think the last one I saw was “Orphan” and I was shocked by “Shutter Island”…I usually can’t stand DiCraprio but that was a really good flick!

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