Spring is Springing

Yes, it has. AND it seems my timing isn’t as ‘off’ as I may have been thinking. Today hubby came inside and brought me these from our yard.



I’ve been looking for them since Friday! LOL But they’re here now and The Big Guy and I have been plodding away with “Kingdoms of War” trying to come up with something for the first two chapters. Not the final stuff, of course, just something we can look at, call it a solid foundation, and know we can build up when the time comes to waltz backwards a few steps. I think we’ve actually managed to get the first 9 pages down!

I know…that’s not a ton. But it’s a start. Considering how rough of a start it is I think we’re doing all right. Nothing like kicking a story off with the explosion of a few long-ticking time bombs!

But, I guess it’s best to establish these two things at the beginning. But it’s been difficult! We’re getting there.

I also spent some time trying to get the basic cover down. I have the background…I think. We’ll see. I really like the simplicity of the covers for “Women of War”, “The OF WAR Anthology” and even “A God is Born” though I do like the snap and pizazz of the covers for “The Heart of War” and “Rising Son”….so I’m a little torn. I reached back to the cover for “Heart” for this as the background.


Not horrible but not great, as the story progresses we’ll know better which way to go. That’s what I’m hoping for anyway.

Not looking forward to going into work tomorrow BUT knowing I have THIS to come home to is making that jagged little pill a little easier to swallow.🙂

Anyway…who wants the FIRST sneak peek into “Kingdoms of War”????

If YOU do, check out the NEXT post. Usual password. If you don’t have it or have forgotten it and I KNOW you in some manner email me lisabethdarling@gmail.com and ask me for it.

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  1. tease, i say no more.
    but beside that, crossing fingers for tomorrows working day!😦

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