Here We Go!

I probably should have called this post “How the Fuck OLD Am I!!!!” hahaha

Oh yeah…I’m THAT fuckin’ old! “Against All Odds” was our Senior Prom Theme Song and it turned out to be eerily prophetic for New London High School’s Class of 1984! hahaha. Song still makes me remember the prom and all of my old friends.


Yep, that’s me and my high school boyfriend, Phillip. That’s the New London High School gym…gods was it HOT that night! Oppressive! They wouldn’t let us go outside for a cig or just for a breath of cooler air. Nope, if you walked out the door you couldn’t come back in. Needless to say Phillip and I left early, got drunk off our asses, has sex on the beach, got caught by the cops, went to the After Prom, and then…I can’t fuckin’ remember! Nah, I’m not ‘that old’ I was that fucked up! Hey, I was 17 and he was 21…yeah, I know, today that would get him put on the Sex Offender’s List… LOL

Wait, let me be clear I HATED high school. I was so UNpopular it’s not even funny. Red hair, freckles, skinny, no tits, braces, missing teeth (right in the front) yeah, not anybody’s idea of ‘beauty’ by any means! So how I ended up with about 50 classmates on my FaceBook page…I got no clue.🙂 All I know is I didn’t go looking for them they found me. Each ‘friends request’ I received made me smile. Yes, Yes, Yes, it did.

Yesterday, while I was on FB I got a message from an old friend and the second I saw her name I KNEW what she wanted. I just KNEW it. I was like; “Awww, fuck. Not this shit again.” Oh, yeah, I was instrumental in putting on our 10th reunion. It was a chore, some people were totally unappreciative of that fact (never mind the fact that I like far less than 1/2 of them and did it anyway!), I refused to do the 15th. I have no idea if there even was a 20th or 25th. I certainly didn’t get an invite. AND our Class President is a freakin’ self-centered asshole who no one wants involved in the reunion. Hey, if you knew Jack the way most of the rest of us know Jack Cochran you wouldn’t want much to do with him either…great football player/coach or not.

But, I opened her message and found myself saying ‘yes’.

I’m an idiot, I know.

We IM’d for a while then we talked last night. She and I were best friends in Jr. High and it’s like 30+ years never went by at all. Don’t you love friends like that? Don’t see ’em for decades but pick up right where you left off. Kinda awesome.

Anyway….we’re shooting for late this year or next summer, which is actually our 30th…June 16, 2014!


I never thought I…or most of us…would ever live this long! Truly, once the braces came off, the teeth went in, push-up bras came into fashion…I figured; Live Fast, Play Hard, Die Young. But I’m still here! For all of the brain cells I’ve burnt out in grand infernos…I’m still kicking. So are most of them.

Here’s to….

And another 30 years!

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  1. 30yrs gtfo… you’re old lol..snickering… don’t over do it… it is NOT appreciated in the least by those who we really didn’t get along fabulously with… less the better… we had too many prizes, took forever to get them doled out…etc… dinner, dance, and lotsa drinkn… at the beach more than likely the best for the money they’ll charge still… i told Monique, keep it simple… you all won’t get stressed out as much… Much love xxxooo p.s. don’t forget your walker lol :D–And you were gorgeous then as you are now… Your hubby is lucky xx

    • My walker?! I LOVE YOU! I hope you’ll come…forget the rest…we can hang out the sand, talk, share a bottle of wine, and just have fun!

      • Yeah that’s what I was planning, just to get loaded (won’t take much w/me I’m a cheap drunk w/being on coumadin lol) and enjoying a few select friends…I swore we did invite you to the 20th, wasn’t it you that told me Donna W. was dying of Cancer and if it was okay if she came after the dinner or something as she had a bland diet etc. – Laura, yourself, Nilsa I’d love to see, make it worthwhile… not breaking out the prom pics though, Darren my date is married to my stepsister lol..and that’s all I’m saying on that one lol… Secrets are treasured lmfao xxx

        • Cher, I didn’t know Donna DIED until Chris Vallas showed up at my door saying he was sorry. I had NO idea what he was talking about. If it hadn’t been for him, I would never have known. It was kinda f’d up. I did hear about…the 15th? But didn’t want to go.

          Your prom date married your step-sister? Oh my! There’s a soap opera! LOL!

  2. I wen to the 5th, unsure of any others….. until I headed the 20th, and I vowed I’d never do it again same year my sister died, and I was diagnosed the following year w/pph. So I had lots of weight on due to fluid, etc, and could barely breathe, walk at the same time, and you know how that went even with all of the hard work we put in to it–gotta love the critics and the mr./mrs perfects of NLHS..:\.. .. We had gone w/the Mardi Gras theme, and 80% showed up without any costume etc .. We thought it ‘d be fun… Great food they put out though… (at OB) – I had my son video the reunion however someone took the tape!?!?! — So leave valuables @ home lol… Cathy Reyes had made wrappers w/NLHS class of 84 reunion on them for hershey candy bars and we passed them out, along with other trinkets, etc and loads of gifts, grabs, etc. Hopefully you’ll get a lot of interest if not perhaps a bunch of us can hang out, kick back and enjoy some conversation, reminiscing, etc…

    • Someone stole the tape??? No! LOL At the 10th they stole everything! I went to NLHS dug up a ton of old photographs to put up for display, thankfully NLHS didn’t want them back because they were gone by the end of the night. I lost a lot of my own stuff that I’d brought for display at the reunion…gone. Poof. I know all about Mr. & Mrs. Perfect…jerks. One person accused us of making a ‘nice sum of money’ off the reunion! When all was said and done we were $50.00 in the hole! We priced the tickets just $5.00 above the dinner so we could have a little cash for decorations. Thankfully most of the class is good people but some haven’t changed a bit since senior year. Kinda sad. I like your idea best; we’ll just have a small party, kick back, gab, and have fun.🙂

      • I think we charged 50/pp, couldn’t tell ya what we paid out as Cathy controlled that – but def went over budget,- I think when I let a classmate in after the dinner so she could have some fun, and see ppl she hadn’t in years it twisted her nose outta joint a bit. Some people don’t have the money, and I have a soft heart at times… hard to say no to peeps you’ve known since grade school.

        • I hear ya! I think we let a few people in after dinner too because they couldn’t afford the ticket.

          Ya know…I think we should just have a HUGE bon fire on a beach, some Boone’s Farm, some big 80’s tunes on the old iPod and just….be us.

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