Pushing Your Buttons-New Pope! Gun Control?



Let’s get what I consider to be the least important issue out of the way first.

There’s a New Pope!


(Who cares?)

Ok, I realize this is ‘important’ to somewhere near 1 billion people (1/9 of the world’s population). The funny thing is, my boss, Bob, is still…ah…an…American Catholic. Me? I’m an Ex-Catholic. So we have a lot of Common Ground–remember that phrase, it will come in handy later in this post! As I was taking a quick cig break, he shouts to me; “We still got black smoke!”

“Oh joy,” said I.

“Yeah, that’s important,” said he.

We both laughed and spent a few moments reminiscing about…well…Catholic Days. Mostly about tythings and those little envelopes The Church used to send so you could put money in it AHEAD of the “offering” on Sunday Mass. They’d send A LOT of them in different COLORS! One color meant you were giving money to the Church Maintenence and another might mean you were giving money toward the ‘new school’ they were building. We had a belly laugh over that one.

They never build a ‘new school’…just so ya know. It was kinda like the “General Fund” when it comes to the Great State of Connecticut (maybe your state too)…just this ‘black hole’ where gobs of money went in and then…poof…disappeared.


So…New Pope. White Smoke. New Coke. I can’t stop hearing it; New Pope=New Coke. Diet Pope. Caffeine Free Pope. Cherry Pope.

I’m sorry! Geez. Lighten up if you’re mad at me by this point.🙂

Now the Catholics have Pope Francis a/k/a Jorge Mario Bergoglio. Admittedly the name is light years better than “RATZINGER!” Who knows? The guy may be ok. He may not be a pedophile or a homosexual ‘hiding out’ (I have NOTHING against my Gay/Lesbian Brothers and Sisters, so don’t take that the wrong way, ok?) BUT, as my hubby pointed out, he is from Argentina. The last Pope was, by anyone’s definition, Nazi, Jr., so….a lot of Nazi’s hid out in….Argentina…after WWII.

I love conspiracy theories! They’re awesome.🙂

Not having a problem with this one. If you can’t see where I’m going already…Gods Bless You, you sweet, innocent, naive soul. I want to leave you just the way you are. So I’ll stop here.

I’ll leave you with this; South of the Bored of the United States of America lies the FASTEST growing group of Catholics on the planet. As much as they love to say their numbers are ‘growing’, the truth is, The Catholic Church is rapidly losing its grasp on North America, several parts of Europe, and…well, never mind. Let’s just leave it at the above. And ‘pandering’.

That’s enough of that for today.

Next topic…

Gun Control.

If the above didn’t offend you the below might so either get a cup of your favorite beverage and put your feet up or just click out. I welcome Opposing Views but I don’t welcome Opposing Assholes. If you are in the latter group…go…the…fuck…away now.

Everybody happy?


Speaking as an individual who “Leans to the Left” but tries really hard to stay in the middle, to find Common Ground, and listen to those who “Lean to the Right”….gimme a break, people. I’m beggin’ ya. Please?

I don’t want to step on your 2nd Amendment Rights anymore than all of our 1st Amendment Rights have already been trampled. Yes, I there’s a reason the 1st Amendment IS the FIRST fucking Amendment.

If you agree…keep reading. If not..go away. Simple as that.

I don’t want to trample on your 2nd Amendment Rights anymore than my 5th Amendment Rights have already had the shit kicked out of them. I don’t know about you, but I am not interested in becoming a part of some ubiquitous DNA Database just because someone out there *thinks* I MAY HAVE done something ‘wrong’. Your Mileage May Vary.

At this point, I assume the only people left reading here are either ‘liberals’ or ‘responsible gun owners’. Yes, I’m talking to you. You. From here on out.

I have no interest in taking away your ‘right’ to defend your home/family/loved ones/bank/post office…whatever. I have no interest in taking away your ‘right’ to hunt. I think it’s gross but that’s my problem and not yours. I accept that.

I AM interested in outlawing any gun/weapon that’s SOLE DESIGN and PURPOSE is to KILL AS MANY PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE IN AS SHORT OF TIME AS POSSIBLE.

Yeah, and I’m NOT interesting in making ‘lists’…of any kind. At all. For anyone. Under any circumstances. Whatsoever.

So please, stop going nuts. Again, I’m BEGGING here. Just…quit it.

There WAS an ‘assault weapons ban’ in place. Like idiots, We The People, let its deadline slip past us because we were busy arguing/fussing/fighting over other things. The World will NOT end if the ‘ban’ is re-instituted. I swear, it will keep turning just as surely if corporations were…ok,…forced…to make jobs in American and Richard F. Rich had to forgo buying a new yacht this year instead of me taking a whopping $60.00/wk pay cut in ‘new taxes’.

I digress.😉

If there are any sane/responsible/law abiding gun owners left out there…try to find the Common Ground with me and those on ‘my side’. Please? Then we can get on to the real business at hand which is kicking The American Economy into gear. Look, man, those assholes in Washington, DC and Your State Capital don’t give a flying fuck about You and Me. They couldn’t care less! It’s time to show them WE do care and that it’s not about ‘my side’ and ‘your side’ it’s about OUR SIDE.

Yeah, I know…I’m just An Old Hippie at heart. I’m aware. I still think the method would work for the majority of us sane/responsible/law abiding citizens if we just gave it an honest shot.

It’s not Us against Them.

It’s just US.

With that in mind I shall close with The BEST News Ever…THE TWINKIE HAS BEEN SAVED!


At least something in this country will keep going forward. Something got ‘saved’.

If it can’t be Our Souls…might as well be The Twinkie.

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Beware...the truth is spoken here. If you can't handle that...buh-bye.

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  1. What about the 4th Amendment? The 10th? The 14th?
    All of these have been beaten senseless, and are just cowering the in a dark corner somewhere, afraid to come into the light, lest they be beaten again.

    The AWB was a dumb law. The newer versions being drafted are even worse! What’s an “assault weapon” anyway?
    More people are killed with hands and feet than with rifles in this country.

    This is the most popular rifle in the country! …and it’s almost never used to commit crimes (except by people who get to claim “Qualified Immunity”).
    Shouldn’t we stop cherry-picking which rights to support, and just support them all?

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