Nightmares & Dreamscapes

I have not done a post like this in…probably…5 years? But I can’t help this one. So totally weird. Before we start, I should say that 1-I’ve got a lot going on right now with stuff at my job and the meeting with the ’30th reunion gals’ early this evening.




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Happy 50th Birthday….I really would have liked to have seen him with just a touch more gray. Also would really like just 5 minutes to tell him of all the inspiration he’s brought to me. RIP KTS 1963-2002

So…ok…with all of that said. Last night I had the weirdest fuckin’ dream! Holy crap~! Check it out.

I’m at the Crystal Mall–upper level by the elevator, by f.y.e, I’m with Linda F. McMahon! We’re shopping…together. Nicely. Sweetly. Happily. She’s dressed in tailored slacks, a white shirt, and a pink channel-style jacket. It probably is Channel, it’s probably ALL Channel. She starts talking and then CRYING about the elections. How she ran such a great and honest campaigns and why don’t they like her! Oh, why, oh why, don’t they like her? (Yeah, throw a little Sally Field in there)

I HUG her, put my arms around her, pat her on the back and tell her everything is all right. That’s it the State of Connecticut’s loss if they can’t see how great she is and how much she could do for us!

She drops her shopping bags (must’a been some heavy stuff in them cuz they made quite a ‘thunk’ from what I recall) and HUGS me back. She tells me how nice I am to be so nice to her.

There I am hugging a crying Linda McMahon in the Crystal Mall as shoppers pass by and gawk.

THEN…we’re at…I swear it’s Mardi Gras…not CT, how’s that? LOL

We’re in the back of moving limo; me, my hubby, Linda, and Vinnie Mac!

I can only see out the very tops of the windows, its like I’m laying on the floor of the limo but I’m not, I’m sitting on a seat. Out there, there’s colorful but very run-down dwellings; windows, balcony’s, flower boxes, people gathered on fire escapes looking down. I hate to say this because it might sound ‘racist’ but, for whatever reason, all of the people gathered up on their balconies and fire escapes and even rooftops are black. Young, old, male, female…it’s the like the whole town is up there. Closer to the tops of the windows other people walk by or are passed by the moving limo. I hope to hell they’re on stilts because if not then they were 12 feet tall! Very colorful costumes, lots of red and white stripes.

The focus came back to Vinnie Mac. We’re talking about wrestling. The glory days of the 70s and 80s. Vinnie Mac is complaining that the campaigns cost him a lot, they were sure investments, he doesn’t understand why Linda didn’t win. Linda starts crying again, he pats her knee. But, he says, they’ll be all right. Eventually, they’ll be all right, even if he won’t be able to buy that new shiny yacht this year, they’ll be all right. She cries harder.

I tell them maybe they can buy their yacht next year.

That was it. The dream faded away as it focused back on the people and the parade outside the car.

How FUCKED UP is THAT???? 🙂

I woke up this morning, laid there with my eyes opened, thinking I couldn’t possibly have dreamed what I was thinking I dreamed, it had to have been a movie I watched. But…no. That was a product of my own stressed and confused head.

If anyone out there has any ideas at all on what this dream might mean please feel free to post below or get in touch with me on FB/email…whatever.

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