Like A Rock

I think I’ll nominate this tune for the theme of the upcoming 30th reunion.

The Reunion Committee of the Class of 1984 met at Stash’s Cafe over the weekend. You know me, I didn’t want to go. I DID want to go, which is why I went. I just have this horrible habit of talking myself out of things when it comes to leaving the house. Yeah, still battling with that. At least it’s not so bad anymore. That’s something. Right?

I get down there and Wendy was already there. I knew she would be. She’s the Ring Leader. We sat and chatted a while. I’m the oddball in the group–like you couldn’t guess that one, huh? LOL Wendy had a Vodka/Tonic I ordered a shot of SoCo and a Blue Moon, they didn’t have any Blue Moon. I said; Make it double-shot of SoCo, please, forget the beer. Wendy looked at me, shook her head, and just kinda figured some things never change.🙂

Monique and Stacey showed up. They looked at my glass, said; “What’s that?” Then they ordered beers. hahaha. It was like 30 years never went by at all. It was a really nice evening. We sat around walking down Memory Lane throwing out names some of us haven’t heard in 30 years! In between bouts of roaring laughter, we came up with some venues to check out and a list of dates that might be good next year. I think we ended up with; July 4th weekend (it’s a 3 day weekend this year!), SailFest weekend (not a 3-day weekend), Memorial Day weekend and Labor Day weekend. If we can get a nice place on the Saturday of a 3-day weekend we think there’s a better chance of getting more people to come. It will be easier for them not having to worry about possibly taking a day off work AND travel expenses.

I hung around longer than I thought I would. I got there at 5 and left around 7:30-8:00. Wendy looked at us and said: I’m not keeping you ladies from anything, am I?

Monique and Stacey said ‘no’.

I said; “Yeah, I gotta go home soon.”


“I gotta go fuck my husband.” It just came out in that rather crude fashion because I was among friends. Oh they laughed! I don’t think they believed me at first. I stayed a while longer. I told them I had to go home to my hubby, told them I’d do research, make a FaceBook page for us, and get back in touch. They laughed again saying they wanted updates on the rest of my evening. I went to Mickey D’s for burgers, came home, ate, cuddled with hubby, and checked my phone. I have a text message: How’s it goin’


About an hour later I posted a pic to FaceBook to my friends and I made sure to tag them.


That went over well! hahaha

I guess there were some good parts to high school after all.🙂

Sunday, I made a FaceBook Page for our reunion. Check it out. It’s brand new but we already received 26 ‘likes’ so I guess there’s some interest in getting together. I spent most of the day digging out, photographing, and uploading high school memorabilia; old high school newspapers, the literary & art mag, articles when the football team won the State Championship (that was a VERY big deal), the booklet from graduation, the booklet from prom, ticket from graduation..all kinds of crap. I’ll have to dig out Ye Olde High School Jacket and photograph it. That should be a hoot.

We have a year so that’s good. We won’t rush. I am looking forward to many more ‘Committee Meetings’ at Stash’s in the months ahead. I hope my friends are too.

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