Adventures-Part 3

This post will round out my weekend! LOL Hobbits went on Unexpected Journeys and I’ve been Unexpectedly Busy!

First, I had these WEIRD dreams again! No, Linda McMahon wasn’t present…thank the Gods!

Friday into Saturday I dreamed I was looking out my front door, it was night, dark, the street light is on, and I see…something…sort of slithering up the street. At first, I think it’s “Linoge’s” cane floating up on its own but then I notice its a snake. It’s standing up, no legs, just standing as tall as it can and still move forward at a good pace. It turned and looked at me as it passed the door, stuck out its forked tongue and continued on its way. I was about to shut the door when I realized there was something else coming up the street and it was BIG. I couldn’t decide if it was a bear or an ape. I stood there looking at it as it crouched at the end of my driveway hidden in the shadow. I knew it was staring at me. Then I noticed a line running from its neck; a leash. Sure enough two people strolled into view, a man and woman, she is holding the other end of the leash. They try to get it to move but it just stays still. She sees I’ve caught its eye and she says to it: “Do you want to go say ‘hello’?”

I’m thinking: Ahhh, no, I’d rather not, thanks anyway.

She brings it up to my door and I let her in, I have no idea why! She tells me to lower the top window, so I do and the thing jumps at the door making a very loud thunk! It grabs on to the top window, sticks its hair arm through and looks at me with the widest darkest eyes I’ve ever seen. Gently it reaches out to me. I take its hand, it’s the hand of an ape except for the fingertips which are the claws of a bear. Its covered in shaggy black fur and has the oddest mixture of bear and ape for a face. She tells me his name is Rocky and that he’s one of a kind, she and the man have bred him from…a bear and an ape.

I don’t know why anyone would do that!

Rocky…whimpers…his eyes get bigger, his mouth pouts, and I go to put my other hand on top of his arm but his hand clenches hold and the nails start digging in as he pulls me to the partially open door. She tells him he’s a bad boy and bonks him on the nose. He lets go of me. She apologizes and they go off up the street.

The scene repeated a few times from the standing snake to Rocky at the door. Weird.

Saturday into Sunday night, I dreamed the most violent dream. Everyone has been KILLED! A roving gang of marauders has come through and slain ALL of New London! The whole freaking town…but me. There’s 7 or 8 or them, maybe more, they’re big and they’re dirty and they’re piggish. (Dwarves, perhaps?) Hell’s Angels on Steroids. They’re hiding out in some big old house that needs a lot of TLC. The group is yelling and demanding to know why the leader doesn’t kill me. They want a reason why he’s keeping me alive while not allowing me to be a playtoy for the group. (Orcs?) He simply says that he wants to see what I’ll do and the rest of them are to keep their distance. He’s pretty brutish, big ape to be sure, the cleanest in the group but that’s not saying much. Since I’m well aware that it’s always better to dance with one demon than with 12 minor-devils, I understand what he’s saying and what’s getting his interest. What I don’t know is why.

At first they listen to him, they don’t like it but they’re not willing to cross him either. But that’s always one in the group that’s willing to risk it. This group is no different. When the leader walks in on what to be a very ugly scene, he is exceedingly brutal and efficient in dealing with the problem.

One dead henchman. Headless. Ripped it right off the man’s shoulders with his bare hands, a hard twist, a good yank, and it popped like a champagne cork.

I begin to understand just who this man might be. There are Rules, you know. Gods are allowed to come down to Earth and mingle among us but not AS Gods. Revealing their true identity would have grave consequences. I wonder and he lets me, he encourages it, shyly, playfully, devilishly. I understand that, yes, I might find ‘my guy’ hanging out in a place like this, with people like this, doing dastardly deeds like this. I always hope for better but try to be prepared for the worst on this one.

Stockholm Syndrome sinks in and my Writer’s Mind takes off with me. It was quite good, actually🙂 Very hot, intense, and full of danger. I easily fall into the role that I would if ‘my guy’ were ever to get a body. Submissive. Willing. Wanton. Did I mention, it was very much fun? It was until…like the unwanted man before him…he was being ripped off me by a larger man. A MUCH larger man, who threw him into the wall and then proceeded to bounce him around like “The Hulk” with “Loki” at the end of “Avengers”. When the leader was very dead, flat as a pancake that’s had all of its syrup smooshed out of it, he looked at me.

The guy was two stories tall. I swear! He was crouched over almost with his shoulders to his knees just to be inside the room. “What are you doing?!”


He’s nostrils are flaring, smoke is puffing out of them, his black eyes are pits of fire. The dude is beyond pissed. “You actually think HE’S ME?”

Holy crap! Oh MY GOD! Are you fucking kidding me? THIS is what I’ve gotten into bed with all these years? HOLY SHIT!

I stutter and I stumble to tell my tale, by the end of it, he’s more of a normal sized man but not really. No. Still 7 feet if he’s an inch and broad as an ox. I tell him I’m sorry and that the man tricked me. I’d never do such a thing otherwise. I think I managed to smooth things over but I’m not really sure. I woke up somewhere in there with my heart thudding like a wild horse.


Ok, now that those oddities have been recorded for posterity, the last ‘adventure’ I went on this weekend was the Promo Adventure! Woot-woot!


I wasn’t expecting to do that at all, I just got a sudden undeniable bolt of inspiration. And a few bucks in my PayPal account😉 I made up the new sale and then bought ad space. A friend gave me some good advice, they said, at the level of money I make at this…which is peanuts…it really is better to keep buying ads with the money I generate. It’s all a tax write-off. I should draw some more attention this way. So…I bought a ‘premium book cover ad’ through The Romance Reviews for their October e-Zine….$20.00. Not bad. I bought a small book cover ad with The Romance Studio–Blue. $15.00 but I get 9 free so I can keep something up there through the remainder of the year for $15.00. Not bad. Not bad at all. I can use the free ads for other covers/books. I wonder if they’ll let me put up an ad for the Spring into Summer Sales Event? I should ask. That might send some people over to check out the new deals.

I plunked down $40.00 on AdWords. I doubt I’ll ever do it again but we’ll see how it goes. I must have sat here for an hour before the thing was finally happy. It’s not set up very well. Create a group/create an ad…oops you forgot one but you can’t do anything from here without erasing everything you just did!

How annoying!

I finally manged to get a picture ad up and place it on book related sites. We’ll see how it goes.

That pretty much drained my PayPal account BUT Kindle owes me just over $70.00 this month so we’re in good shape. I should be able to keep my ‘visibility’ up as I take time off to WRITE. Gee, write? What the hell is that??? LOL

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