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Aren’t they beautiful?

My…now former…boss gave them to me today. He’s walking ON AIR! I’ve never seen ANYONE so happy! It’s really been a joy to watch and be part of, truly, while it’s hurt my heart it has lifted my soul watching Bob retire. You should see the note that came with the lovely bouquet but I won’t publish that here.

(Sorry ‘you’. Yeah, you moron, I mean ‘YOU’! Quit thinkin’ you’re slick, you’re not. Quit lookin’ around and wonderin’ if I really mean ‘YOU’..I do….because….)


Well now….going forward with this post and ignoring the ‘YOU’ out there….

I was under the impression that tomorrow was Bob’s last day but was unexpectedly informed that we get Good Friday off.


I’m not complaining just a little surprised. I’ve never had Good Friday as a paid holiday. Ever. For 12 years I got; New year’s Day, President’s Day (at the law office), Memorial Day, Labor Day, 4th of July, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Martin Luther King Day (at the law office), Columbus Day (at the law office…I had every single Federal Holiday off and paid when I worked for the law office! That was one of the best parts about the gig. If the Courts were closed then there was no mail and we were sooo not coming in! LOL)

I was expecting to say ‘good-bye’ tomorrow but it came a day early. Sucked. It was awesome too, the joint was jumping today! You bet it was! I hardly had time to remember my name let-alone do anything else. People were coming and going and calling. Some of them missed him and I felt bad for them. I think more will come to the Hall tomorrow but they will find a locked door and that makes me sad. He was always so welcoming; if you were a good person, a hard worker, you tried your best, you carry your weight and don’t expect others to pick up your slack, then you were a-okay in Bob’s Book.

(Same goes for me.)

He’s probably the best Judge of Character I’ve come across in a long time.

So, he was well-liked, even beloved by some and not-so-much liked by others. I imagine, in the end, the same will go for me on that one too! LOL

I hope Bob has a totally AWESOME rest of his life. That he has more fun than anyone can dream about and feels more fulfilled in his heart, soul, mind, and body, than the rest of us can only hope for. He’s worked for it. He’s earned it. Therefore he deserves it.

Now…back to having TOMORROW OFF so unexpectedly; it’s my 27th Wedding Anniversary! Yep, it sure is. 27 years married…in a civil ceremony recognized in all 50 states…to my wonderful hubby!

03 (2)

We’ve been together 29 come July 14th! OMG! Retirement ain’t that far around the corner for Aunty Moon either! So, I get to have tomorrow off and remember my Wedding Day.


Me & My Dad


Me & My Mom

Wow, I was 19! Seems like a lifetime ago some days, like it’s someone else’s life and I’m just writing the story. Then again, MOST days it doesn’t feel quite that way! LOL But we beat ALL of the odds and ALL of the naysayers. Made ’em all eat crow, we did! After all, most of them are either dead or gone through a divorce (or two) of their own by now.πŸ™‚

I might get to WRITE too! That’d be nice, huh? But, ya know, we had to go back and READ the beginnings of the post-apocalyptic stuff. I hate that crap. I didn’t want to write it…at all. I argued and argued with The Big Guy over it and he kept pushing the death toll up, up, up and up! Post-apocalyptic shit goes against my grain. It does. That’s why The Big Guy makes me do it, so that I end up pushing my own ‘envelope’. I’m a Libra and he’s an Aries (literally…just like me and hubby!) some times I think he needs to realize that, no matter what he does, I will ALWAYS BELIEVE things will turn out all right in the end. So, to that end, the lovely Lady Athena stepped up to give me a ray of hope where the story is concerned and I thought I’d share it with you:

Copyright 2013-All Rights Reserved–you know the freakin’ drill! Don’t copy it!πŸ™‚

The God of War took a graceful retreat, disappearing from the shoreline to materialize on the edge of the high cliff where he found Athena. “How long have you been here?”

“The whole time,” she said without looking at him but, instead, continuing to stare down at the beach and people upon it. “I must say, you’re temper got the better of you, Brother. Why?”

Ares opened his mouth and found he didn’t have a response. He let out a long low growl as he threw a disgusted hand into the air and turned to walk inside the cave.

Athena reached out and grabbed his arm to turn him around, “Stay. Watch. Listen. You might learn something.” She encouraged as she handed Rose over to him. “She came to me once, seeking my counsel, did you know that? She was afraid for him and afraid of him. She was desperate to find a way to get through to him.”

Reluctantly, Ares stood there looking on holding his Daughter. “What did you tell her?”

“What she already knew,” Athena’s gaze returned to the Mother and Son on the beach. “That Olympian Children can suffer through very sharp growing pains.”

“Growing pains? Is that what you call this? He’s destroyed half the world.”

“Not by himself, he didn’t,” Athena reminded her Brother. “I told Alena about a young Ares who once burned down an entire forest.”

“That was an accident,” Ares retorted.

“Was it?” Athena licked her bottom lip as her eyebrows raised then settled, “If you say so, Brother. What I didn’t tell her was of the forest that grew in its place. I didn’t tell her that it took quite a while but, eventually, because of you and your little accident, the very rich soil the fire left behind, that the Amazon Rainforest sprang up where once only a run-of-the-mill jungle grew before.”

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  1. Donna Ruggieri

    Hi Lisa! Congratulations to you and Roy… I hope you are always as happy as you are now, just like my late husband and I were… Celebrate like it’s your honeymoon! I’ll bet you feel like it still is! lol As for the book, thank you for all the little teases… I look forward to reading the entire last (sniff) book of the series in full!

  2. Congratulations! Have a great time celebrating. Those flowers are beautiful tooπŸ˜‰.

  3. Kristina Haecker

    Happy Anniversary! I love these excerpts you’ve been posting!πŸ™‚

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