The NEXT Time I Decide to Kill Off the World….

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…walk up to me, kick me in the ass (hard) and say; “No!” Shake your finger in my face and say; “if you must don’t make it RABIES!”

Can you do that for me?

The Big Guy threw this whole Major Falls into the mix during “Rising Son” and I couldn’t get away from it.

At this point I would like to thank..or curse….


Major Falls is a rip-off of Captain Tripps, I argued with The Big Guy over it for WEEKS! He would not acquiesce to my pleas. I knew I was fucked…big time. Suddenly shades of “The Stand” rushed into the story along with shades of “Cujo”. The Big Guy eventually talked me into it telling me something along the lines of this being ‘the last story..the very last…story in the series’ and ‘wanting to go out with a bang’ and ‘we always give at least one nod to your Master of Horror…what’s wrong with two?’

Or twelve or twenty!

You’re killin’ me here!

I ADORE Stephen King. The day he dies I will fall into a depression so deep and so dark I may never come out of it. For as long as he’s alive he gives me hope.


SO…I was going back over the story today and getting to the 3-deaths-in-1 scene where we actually witness these 3 people die from Major Falls a weaponized version of rabies. I was unsatisfied. It doesn’t have enough ‘realism’ in this bit of fiction. I admit, I’ve read and read and read about rabies in humans on all kinds of sites. It’s boring as hell. (I hate research to begin with usually) and it’s all very technical/medical jargon crap that makes my head hurt.

For whatever reason, I was suddenly inspired to go to YOUTUBE and type in ‘human with rabies’. NEVER expecting to get any hits.

I was wrong. So wrong. So very very wrong.Let me just say right now that if YOU are a pet owner, please along with having your pet spayed or neutered, do us all a favor and keep its rabies shots up to date. Pretty please? With sugar on top?

According to YouTube, rabies appears rampant in India and there’s a good bit of footage of people dying from the disease. I DO NOT suggest you check it out. No, no, I do not. It’s very disturbing and nasty and gross. I watched four or five people succumb to this disease which is bad enough on its own but our fictionalized ‘weaponized’ version acts much faster, it’s airborne…no biting necessary and rather than a few weeks you’ve got about 48 hours from the time you contract it until the time someone is pitch-forking your corpse onto a bonfire.

I went back over the story and realized I’d done a pretty good job but it needs to be ‘bigger’…nastier. Much nastier. I got the basics down but we need to color it in a little more.


BUT, that actually got me hoping that when it comes to our fictional Turkish Fleet steaming its way to the eastern seaboard of the US that we got enough of the nautical/military jargon right to pull it off. I’ve been researching that shit too. More headaches. That crap might as well be in…Greek! That’s about as much of it as I can really grasp with my tiny civilian brain. We’re not on the boat that long, only a few pages before we just blow up every ship and take our leave. Hopefully the ‘action’ makes up for the shortfalls on the military/nautical stuff.

Guess I’ll have to find a beta reader proficient in military, nautical, and medical crap. Yeah, that person’s gonna be easy to find! :O

A lot of days I ask myself; why? how? Me, of all people, one of the most peace-lovin’ hippies you’ll ever come across, how the fuck did I get mixed up with ARES?

He’s laughing his ass off at me. I can hear him roaring. Big old belly laugh. He loves to taunt me this way. Always his questions are the same.

How can you appreciate Life if you don’t know Death? How can you submerge yourself in Peace and Tranquility if you never know the upheaval of War? How can you win the Battle if you don’t know your Enemy?

Yeah, yeah, yeah…There Is No Light Without Dark. The Art of War and all that happy-crappy. I get it. I don’t like it but I get it.

In my heart of hearts, I know the problem. I just want to push past the ‘big drop’ and start writing NEW STUFF. I want to GET ON with the STORY! This is where an editor or personal research assistant would come in rather handy…LOL. Someone who could just give me a basic schematic and a quick glossary of Words You NEED to KNOW and I could take it from there. Maybe. It’s be better if they just wrote a bunch of crap in the appropriate spots and I hashed it out with my Writer’s Mind. Yeah…that’d be awesome!

If I try to go forward The Big Guy will yank my chain. I really just want to get to the good stuff, the drama, the sex, the suspense…leave the technical crap to someone else.

Oh bother.

BTW, I think The Big Guy is wrong…or outright lying to me! I think there’s one more book. It may stand alone. The Gods gave me a gift the other day. I checked my stats and saw someone searched; ‘lisa darling twilight of the gods’. I got hit by a bolt of lightning. I thought; Oh! What a WONDERFUL TITLE! I WANT to WRITE THAT!

Some days I love him. Some days…not so much! LOL

But “Twilight of the Gods” could be a really GOOD story.

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  1. he’s having you work hard on this story
    and twilight of the gods; i’m giggling here😉

  2. That really is a fantastic title!🙂 And I know Kingdoms is going to be great!

    • The title just kinda zapped me between the eyes. I love it. I hope there’s actually a story in it. I hope Kingdoms turns out as good as you want it to be!

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