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My hubby’s a very happy boy! Today was his lucky day! After…more years than we wanna count ;)…the bike has come alive!

See? I told you he was happy! LOL

With Ridin’ Season startin’ up just around the bend, who can blame him? The weather has been so nice (for New England) that we’ve seen many bikers out already. Hubby should be joining them by the end of May. I admit, it’ll be nice to get out on the bike again. I miss those long weekend rides just wandering around southeastern Connecticut, getting lost on back roads, and seeing what we can see. Might even kick my photography into gear again.

There’s still some bodywork to do but the engine is running just fine and that’s the most important part.šŸ™‚

I’m sure there will be pictures and blogs of Adventures from the Road in the near future.

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  1. Hey is that Basha’s bucket there on the left? LOL

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