Shopping, Writing, Work, and a Special Ring

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First things first, never go grocery shopping when you’re hungry! I nearly devoured Stop & Shop this afternoon! LOL But, in the end I did pretty good, I kept reminding myself I hadn’t eaten since last night so stop putting things in the cart! Stop & Shop is almost done and I am super impressed by the work ‘my guys’ are doing. I tell them that every chance I get. I figure, hard work should never go unnoticed or unrewarded. Believe me, I’m know others think differently but then again I often wonder what people like that really know anyhow. I mean, ya know, other than how-to-be-a-prick. (Kinda pathetic, huh?) So, I shower those guy with praise every time I see them. Needless to say, they appreciate it. So, the cabinets are stocked once more…woot-woot.

I did write over the weekend too. I even started choking up at the 3-in-1 death scene so that’s almost ‘there’. I made a pact with The Big Guy, we’re reaching back to my mother’s death (she died a long slow death from cancer and it was horrible to watch knowing I couldn’t do a fucking thing) to bring in the real emotional turmoil. Not fun but very cathartic. In the end that’s what good writing is anyway; one big therapy session the world gets invited to. We also took a lot of the ‘fat’ (something the Hicksville office would do well to learn how to do but that ain’t gonna happen…damn hicks! LOL) So it’s a little tighter, it reads faster, and flows a little better. So glad we have a year to complete this story it’s gonna take that long until we’re anywhere near satisfied with it. Especially for a ‘grand finale’. Or not. Depends on how many Gods we kill in this one. I was going for nearly all of them but….maybe not. Maybe there will be something for “Twilight of the Gods” after all. I can’t stand the idea of giving up Ares, you know I can’t. That MY MAN, bitches! Hands OFF! LOL

In case you couldn’t tell from the video yesterday; the income tax checks arrived! WOOT-WOOT! Got the bike roaring, paid the bills, did some grocery shopping and went to VistaPrint to make up a few things for my current boss and my former boss, whom I still miss every day. But we stay in touch and that’s very cool. I think I have a friend for life in Bob. VERY cool! I sent him the video of the bike roaring to life he was very excited for hubby and me with the Grandfatherly reminder to ‘be safe’.๐Ÿ™‚ I also finally got the swag for the big release party made up and sent out AND I was even able to order copies of MY books for…ME! LOL And one for a friend๐Ÿ˜‰

Lastly this weekend brought a new title to bestow on my hubby. He is now official The Lord of the Ring! hahahaha Let me tell you ladies, if your man does NOT have one of these you have GOT to get one! It’s freakin’ AWESOME! You’ll be gruntin’, groanin’, moanin’, screamin’ and then HOWLIN’ (I did!!!!!) with pleasure. I can’t recommend these highly enough. If you’re shy about going to the Adult Store get from a website near you. You will NOT be sorry and you’ll sleep like a baby.


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  1. i’m giggling at the last part๐Ÿ˜‰ glad you had loads, really loads, of fun playing with the lord of THE ring

  2. Lord of the Ring? you got him wearing a cock ring now??? lol
    Btw /middle finger Sis.
    your writing is so fucking awesome and getting better with each book, Lisa and I cried while I read the opening of Child of War Rising Son. I balled and we are in LOVE with Little Rose.
    Point is you made me cry /wobbly finger
    Love ya Sis

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