It’s the Freakin’ Weekend and I Am….

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Yes, I am!

Managed to eat dinner yesterday. Not too much but it stayed down so that was good! LOL Then made the mistake of having a late night snack (brownies) and had heartburn the rest of the night. Sucked but better than pukin’ so I guess I’ll take it.🙂

Also managed to do some work on “Kingdoms of War”! WOOT-WOOT! This chapter has been kickin’ my ass for two weeks now. Just before the Fried Chicken Incident I realized the problem. Some stuff needed to be moved from the next chapter into this one to sort of break it up but also keep it flowing and make it not seem so long. I just wasn’t sure what to cut or where to put it but I finally got it. I cut the first four or five pages of the next chapter, dropped them into the middle of this chapter, a little Spackle, a little putty, a little paint (make it what it ain’t) and…ooooo….looky! Dat’s nice!

It’s a lovely stormy day just perfect for putting the finishing touches on the 3-in-1 death scene so I’m going to take the whole of the afternoon and maybe well into the evening to do just that. I had planned on giving the company website a little update today but work was busy and I think The Big Guy will be whispering my name all weekend so update will have to wait until Tuesday at least to be finished. It’s much more pleasurable to hang out with him even when we’re doing nasty icky stuff. Don’t know when we’ll get back to the good sex, not for a while. But there’s a bonzer sex scene coming up just the same. Should kick ass and take no prisoners. I’ve been waiting and waiting and waiting to get to this one particular scene since we stopped writing “Rising Son” so it’ll be nice to finally get to it. With any ounce of luck we’ll be able to start it this weekend. Hope it keeps raining that’ll make it all the better. Yep, should be down n dirty….way low down and dirty-rotten-scoundrel kinda dirty.

Ahhhhhh…my kinda stuff.

We haven’t done it for such a long time. Sorta chompin’ at the bit here! LOL! This is what sets up the massive fall that the rest of the storyline will take. Like, ya know, Plummeting Roller Coaster Ride into HELL type of a fall. Again, with any luck, we’ll also manage the Flight of Redemption. With any luck. Not making any promises on the ending of this book or this series. I know everyone’s screaming for that elusive Happily Ever After and if I don’t give it to them I’m gonna be raked over hot coals before being tarred & feathered then finally drawn & quartered. I know. I know. I guess we’ll find out just how strong and forgiving our Hero and Heroine truly are. Raven too. And Rose. She’s got a big part to play coming up later in the story.

While I can’t promise the Happy Ending I can promise that it will not be boring. It may end up being on-the-edge-of-your-seat with your heart racing in your throat type of stuff by the time we’re through. Yeah, happy or not, by the time you’re done, I think the reader will feel that the story was certainly worth The Price of Admission even if they didn’t get exactly what they wanted.

With just a little luck, that is.

Oh damn, I guess I should have typed ‘Spoiler Alert’ up there somewhere. Sorry.

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  1. I like being on the edge of my seat I have a feelikng though that this next book might send me to the floor! Happy lil dance foryou doing some work on the Kingdoms of war, also! Glad you are feeling better! Oh hey I sent you a message on Fb last week also🙂

  2. So glad to hear you are feeling a bit better – sending good thoughts🙂

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