Blessing of the Bikes

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I’m still not feeling so good. Had a rough night last night. Ick. BUT instead of RuPaul, Jim Croce kept me company in my head as he sang “Workin’ at the Car Wash Blues” for me over and over. That was nice of him.😉

Managed to drag myself outside and go down to the Blessing of the Bikes at Ocean Beach. A little inspiration since soon we’ll be back on the road. AND a lot of wondering; can I really swing my leg over that seat anymore?


I dunno. With my back it could be a problem. My back is killing me lately. So, of course I brought my camera with me. And, of course, the only good angle to photograph a bike is down on one knee. Yeah, by the time we left I was stiff I was walking like Frankenstein’s Monster! LOL I could hardly get in the Explorer, I had to get in ass first, just couldn’t get my old leg up there.😦

Oh well, then we went to a very very very late breakfast at When Pigs Fly. Good food. Good goin’ down anyway. It’s churning in my stomach. I’ll let you know the rest of the day goes. It was sure is nice to have a little food in for me for a while. I don’t feel quite so lethargic.

Here’s some of the things we saw today. All of the images have been uploaded in full size so click any below to make them MUCH bigger, see the detail and save ’em if ya want ’em.

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  1. nice shots Little Red and I know you can swing that leg over to ride behind your Roach King..nice shots, you got one of those happy new flues so now you can forgive and eat banguet chicken again, I do not think we have it out here, I miss it was one of my fav food when i drove taxi and lived in Hotel Helll aka the Maybrey

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