Well, It’s Monday

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I shouldn’t say this too loudly, if at all, but my tummy finally feels back to normal! Well, the ‘upper’ end does anyway. Still waiting for the ‘lower’ end to catch up but I’m always waiting for that so…I guess all’s well! LOL We’ll find out tonight for sure, hamburgers on the grill. I had crackers with cheese and chocolate Lucky Charms last night.🙂

Work now turns away from work and back to the story. I’ve decided they’re right in Hicksville; aren’t they? I’m just a little secretary in a little satellite office, how much can realistically be expected from me? That means no more checking email after hours and absolutely no more work on the website from home. It will get updated as my secretarial duties permit and that’s about all I can manage. Unfortunately, that means that update I was going to do is not in the works any longer. Graphics work will suffer but I’m also sure no one minds about that. They have me from 8am to 2pm and I’ll do whatever I can realistically manage within that time frame.

Other than that…I belong elsewhere.😉

There’s more tearing down to do on the story. Damn!

Oh well.

I’ve finally realized that we don’t have to keep EVERYTHING (where would we put it?…yeah, it’s an old Stephen Wright joke hahaha) people haven’t READ this yet. Even though we wrote it so long ago it is not set in stone because no one has seen it. So we’re free to get rid of anything we want or see fit. We don’t have to keep trying to ‘work things in’.

However, yeah, of course, We do need to add some things in, that would be good. Just little touches that might make little chapters. Maybe THEN we get on to the freakin’ SEX! I’m dyin’ over here! LOL

But these little touches are going to be good and they’ll be important. I really pulled back on one even when we were originally writing it. I knew the scene should have been there and The Big Guy pouted and screamed over it but I was so tired by then I just couldn’t get it up for a massive slaughter. BUT he’s insisting and he’s right. So I’ll let him off the chain and watch him mow down a good deal of people, should be rather bloody. Not expecting any fireballs here just muscle and the blade of his sword. Yep. Bloody. It will make that little ‘Gunslinger’ scene pop so much more. We have to get rid of the horses. Bummer. I love the horses but a caravan of transport vehicles is more likely. Maybe we can work in a few bikes and keep the horse theme but with chrome.🙂

That would be good.

Right now the sun is shining on a glorious afternoon! Time to get to writing and see what we can make happen today.

Oh yes…yes…


It was nice to see that you could find your own site today. Most impressive.

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  1. i snickered at the last line. some people huh?

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