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By now you’ve heard the news; someone bombed the Boston Marathon.

I was sitting here yesterday afternoon, I made a blog post, I went over to Facebook to play Bubble Witch Saga and as I went to log out my feed was filled with the same images and the same news posts; Bomb at Boston Marathon.

Here’s how desensitized I am as an American my first thought wasn’t; Oh my God that’s terrible! No, my first thought was; Is that today?

(Not the bomb the marathon)

I immediately chastised myself for it then clicked links to read bits of articles and then steeled my nerves and turned to the TV. ABC was happy to bring me the chaos in full Technicolor and THX Sound. Again and again and again. I held my breath waiting to hear the injured/dead toll and heard 2 dead 123 injured. I felt…disappointment. I know how that sounds and it sounds pretty darn bad but, for a brief moment, I felt let down. Then relief set in.

I watched about a half hour, got the scoop, realized there was no new scoop and decided not to subject myself to it. I went off to start dinner. I listened to a little music. I came back to the TV to see if there was anything new. There wasn’t, not really. That didn’t stop them from talking or from repeatedly showing the same pictures. Turned it off again, went back to making dinner, finished up the tuna/mac salad and went back to the TV. This time with hubby. We sat. We watched. We talked. We agreed this is probably the work of a Home Grown Terrorist/Freedom Fighter/Point Maker and not the Return of bin Laden or something like that. We agreed the explosions appeared small compared to others we’ve seen. As though someone had the working knowledge and the tools but lacked the finesse. (I know that sounds bad.)

We left it on for about an hour straight until we reached the breaking point. He went off to start the grill and do his thing. I went off to finish up dinner.

We watched “Castle” for a few episodes before I went up to bed to catch “Bones”.

Yeah. Right.

The same pictures and information played well past “Bones” (at least on FOX) so I kept watching “Castle”. Every now and then I wondered how horrible I was for not sitting glued to the New American Tragedy. I figured not too horrible. I know how this sounds but I was expecting a real ‘scene from a war zone’ when I first turned on the TV. I had to wait to watch it because images of 911, Sandy Hook, and the Federal Building were running wild through my head. Thankfully yesterday’s bombing wasn’t anywhere near that bad.

Gee, more desensitization? Maybe.

The news keeps insinuating that this is the work of someone ‘commemorating'(?) Waco and the Federal Building and/or Patriot’s Day, all of which fall on April 19th.

But yesterday was Tax Day so I’m thinking it could have something to do with that. I did read an article where some guy took a bunch of fire fighters hostage demanding that his electricity and TV be turned back on. Nope, he didn’t ask for a million bucks and a plane to Cuba just to have the power turned on again. Yep, times have changed.

Today we got up and it was still on the TV, it still is as I type this. My hubby made a crack about the country now needing stricter bomb laws. (Yeah, just think, if someone had a gun they could have shot the bomb.) I sighed and reminded him that we have very strict bomb laws which is why this just doesn’t happen all that often.

He hates me.😉

I’m sure the anti gun control people are screaming about how right they are and the Doomsday Preppers are laying in more supplies. But yesterday only served to re-enforce my own stance on the issues. 1- when your number’s up your number’s up and there ain’t shit you can do about it. 2-If it ever really comes down to it, I am going within the first 3 waves. I don’t live in East Bumfuck South Wyoming or something. If I did, I might feel differently. But I don’t. I live in the middle of an awesome target area. I do. If it ever comes right down to it, I’d rather be taken out a la “Terminator 2” than hang around in the radiation. Your Mileage May Vary but mine will not. 3-even if I did survive, I’d shoot/hang/drown myself cuz I don’t wanna live in a world run by Doomsday Preppers. Again, I’ll pass but thanks anyway.

I hope they catch whatever nut-job did this. I feel very badly for the victims and the families who were just out to enjoy a nice day in the sunshine. I’m sure the news will keep giving me the blow by (unconfirmed) blow. I wish they’d quit that. I wish they’d stop projecting and report facts. They used to do that way back when.

Off to work. I’ll catch up on the news when I get home. I’m sure it won’t be good.

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