It’s A Strange World After All

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It is a very strange world.

After my long-drawn-out episode of yesterday as I gingerly sat upon the couch sipping mugs of Cinnamon Tea I made the mistake of flicking on the news to see if there was any. Rebecca was with me, it was just us. She’s 21…Gods love her. (sigh) She starts talking about Conspiracy Theories and Crisis Actors and Facebook Pages that were up long before the bombing happened.

I am the first one to admit that I believe my Government is up to a lot of shady shit! But bombing its own people is not one of them. Not yet anyway.

She believes it’s all a set up. There’s a lot of…ahhh…websites…out there to back her up.

Weird stuff.

Whatever. Everyone’s entitled to their opinion but I can only take so much when it comes to things like that. Really, after a few minutes it starts going up my ass sideways.

Yeah, just call me ‘Mulder’ when it comes to that; I WANT TO BELIEVE My Government Had Nothing To Do With It.😉

The ‘news’ started talking about a black nylon back pack and asking if anyone saw anyone carrying what appeared to be ‘a heavy black nylon bag’ to contact them. Becca said something about “If You See Something Say Something” and I just looked at her in bewilderment. I believe she said she’d report it if she saw a bag just lying around. Yes, I think that was it.

I said something along the lines of; “Why?”

She said something about terrorists and bombs.

I realized just how fucked up this place has become.

I said to her something along the lines of; When I was 21, if I saw a black back pack hanging around all by itself and I didn’t see the person who owned it, I would have grabbed the bag and rifled through it hoping to find a 20 or a bag of weed. usually it was just dirty old gym clothes but still, it was always worth a shot.

She stared at me like I was from Mars!

I said; “This wasn’t a thing when I was your age. There was no ‘If You See Something Say Something’. The idea there was a BOMB in a back pack was so ludicrous as to be, well, not even thought of.”

“What?” She said to me.

I explained it again. That Once Upon A Time Peace Ruled Throughout The Land (yeah, no it didn’t but…ya know, it was more peaceful? How’s that?) The idea the someone would put a BOMB in a back pack and leave it a public place just did not exist.

She let that settle in her head as I realized she was 5 when 9/11 happened and she’s never known the joy of unexpectedly stumbling upon untended property–a purse, a back pack, a brief case– and making off with it. Bummer, man. Total fuckin’ bummer. To this day, I think if I saw what others would term a ‘suspicious package’ I wouldn’t think twice about looking around for the owner and then opening it if I couldn’t find them. If there was A LOT of money or something really valuable in it I’d turn it in to the police but for 20.00 or a half-bottle of SoCo or a baggie…nah. Finders Keepers. The idea that it would BLOW UP in my face still wouldn’t be a twinkle in the back of my mind.

We talked a little more and then went back about our lives.

Later in the night the ‘news’ brought me the information that the bomb was a pressure cooker filled with black powder, some ball bearings, and maybe some nails. It was most likely IN a black nylon bag.

(I love CSI!)

I thought; not very sophisticated. Kinda cheesy. Definitely home-grown. A home-grown coward to boot because, whoever it is, didn’t step up to take responsibility and bombers usually love to do that. It’s a game to them. Cat and Mouse.

I kept away from ‘the news’ today…for the most part. I did see some pictures of the remains of a mangled pressure cooker. I was cruising online when Yahoo! informed me an arrest had been made in the case.

Wow! That was quick! Awesome! Way to Go Guys & Gals!

Yeah…no. About a half hour later those reports were dismissed as false.


Whatever happened to the ‘news’ being The News. Ya know, like “Dragnet”; Just the Facts, ma’am, just the facts. Drives me crazy. I can’t tell who or what to actually believe any longer. No matter what ‘news’ channel it is or how the ‘Bubble Headed Bleach Blonde’ is talking, I just can’t believe a single one of them. Just Jon Stewart, ain’t that pathetic? Yep. If I manage to stay awake until 11pm (usually not) I let him give me the Daily Wrap-Up. At least he makes me laugh before I go to sleep.

Lastly the ‘news’ brings me reports that someone tried to kill the President and a Member of Congress and maybe more than one Member of Congress. Ricin. Yep. Ricin in a letter.

I know. Sounds like a repeat, doesn’t it? 9/11 and Anthrax are forever linked. Totally unrelated (so they told us) but forever linked. More ‘bad timing’? Or is it actually related? Be interesting to see what they tell us when this is all said and done.

Once again, The Joker was right.

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  1. It does seem our childhood was much safer, even though I realize it wasn’t .whackjobs existed then as they do now….just a hellava lot more of them… if I can’t see amanda in my window when I said to stay outback I freak out within seconds… Just once I’d loved to not have to worry about my kids safety… but I think that will be when I’m pushing up daisies…

    • I think it was ‘safer’ because we were all a little saner. Seems everyone’s just nukin’ futz these days! I remember the days of hunting down the kids if they weren’t where I told them to be. But, I really wasn’t afraid someone would take off with them I was more afraid they were up to mischief! LOL

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