The Weekend

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Just a little tune to get us going today. Make of it whatever ‘you’ will.

Wow! What a weekend, huh?

I admit, I was pretty glued to the TV on Friday. I tried not to be. I really did. But when I got up Friday morning and was told there was a huge shootout in MA leaving one suspected Boston Bomber dead and the other on the run my adrenaline got pumping. It did. The footage was crappy but the sound was mind-blowing.

I checked the TV every 10-20 minutes to see what was up. Exciting stuff. Real Life Drama. Friday night we were sitting in front of the TV and they kept saying the guy was in someone’s boat. They kept saying it for like a half-hour. I kept wondering; Why don’t you go get the son of a bitch? What are we waiting for? Blow up the boat. Buy the owner a newer nicer shinier one for his troubles.

Yeah, ok, fine. I didn’t want the guy dead. I wanted him alive cuz I we all got questions that need and deserve answers. If he’s dead that’s not really gonna happen. The totally awesome Men and Women of the Boston Police Department, Massachusetts State Police and other law enforcement agencies took the little bastard alive but he ain’t talkin’ cuz I think somebody shot him in the throat…or something like that. I guess in a while we’ll have some answers even if we may not like them very much.

In the end, we were all at least half right. Although born on foreign soil these two pretty much grew up here so, in my head, that makes ’em home grown terrorists. And dumb. The media gives them way too much credit. I love the reports of the use of the pressure cooker being taken out of the middle-eastern terrorist handbook. I’m taking those people never read The Anarchist’s Cookbook or Steal This Book. Maybe they should and they should check the copyright pages for dates of publication then they come back and tell me who stole what from who.

Speaking of theft, I found “Heart” on another pirate site today! DAMN IT! But it does explain why people are still looking for the ending of the story. I don’t think this site has the full version either. I sent them a formal letter telling them to take it down. We’ll see what happens. I suppose I should be glad that, so far, I’ve only found incomplete versions of “Heart” on these sites. I guess I did a good job locking it down by the time we got to “Child”. And people thought I was nuts all those years I locked down my fanfiction…yeah…right.

Another interesting thing that happened on Friday is my hubby met his half-brother for the first time. Yep, Deja Vu all over again.🙂 I met my brother for the first time over Thanksgiving and now he got to do the same. Everybody say ‘hello’ to Troy and Barbara.


She surprised Troy with a trip down here and kept it secret until they walked into the Bulkeley House! I don’t know if I could have done that but I’m glad she did. They are both very nice people. They also came down from MA and they were a little late and hubby and I kept looking at the Manhunt on the TV thinking; Maybe they can’t get out of Massachusetts today. But they made it, we had some wings, hubby played a few tunes, and we came back to the house for a while. I’m glad they met. More family is always good, well ya know, when they’re not off their rocker or something. They both have thick MA accents which would have been just fine with me, I’m used to it being from this area but we’ve watched “Ted” so many times that it was hard to keep a straight face at times. My bad, I know. I know. We actually ended up watching it with them last night and laughing. It’s a really funny movie.

They’ll be on their way back to MA today. They live like 20 minutes from “King Richard’s Fayre” so I think the next time it opens we’ll go up and see them and walk around for a while. They like those things too so that could be a fun trip. Maybe we’ll go up on the bike, which is getting closer to completion as I type. We should take a trip to upper state New York to see my brother. I’d love to take hubby around there in the fall the scenery is gorgeous and we could go to Howe Caverns. I won’t make him go to the Baseball Hall of Fame but if we meet up with Troy and Barbara in Boston in the Summer I am going to Fenway! They can drop me off at the ball park for four hours and pick me up later if they have to. hahaha

Right now it’s still fairly early on Sunday morning. The sun is shining even though it’s still a little chilly. I guess now that all of the major excitement has passed we should crack “Kingdoms” and see what we can do with it.

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