The Big Crash

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I was going to write this weekend but it wasn’t in the cards.

Nope. Computer decided to die instead.


Hubby nursed it along all day Saturday but to no avail. I was able to quickly back up everything important to me so I didn’t lose any stories/graphics/pictures of friends & family and things like that. That was good.

Got it up and running Sunday and…

Crashed again.

Damn it!

It wasn’t until late Sunday afternoon the stupid thing decided it would work properly and by then I was not in any mood to write. I mean, I don’t even know why I got out of bed this weekend! Well, except to wash the blankets.🙂 Yeah, I had plenty of time to do the laundry it’s all caught up now LOL. Stole Nikki’s Downy Crystals for the bed-clothes. It was like sleeping on a cloud hovering over a field of wild flowers. I gotta get me some of this stuff. I slept like a baby.

I played a lot of games on my phone over the weekend. Watched a lot of bad TV. Case in point; Have you seen Vikings yet? No? Good. Don’t bother. I sat through 3 episodes on Sunday and by the time we were half-way through the second I had the nearly uncontrollable urge to do my best Bruce Campbell impression. You know, just walk through the TV with a sawed-off shot-gun, jump up in the nearest rock, shoot a random thug, and loudly proclaim; “This is my BOOM STICK!”

If you’re into the True Origins of the Hell’s Angels or something like that you might like this show but if not…skip it. I can’t stand it when I’m watching a movie/TV show or reading a book and find myself wondering; Why hasn’t anyone killed this asshole yet? Could you please kill this scumbag? NOW would be AWESOME! It gets especially bad when I find I’m envisioning myself going back through time with a crate of grenades and a crate of automatic weapons just so I could mow down a certain group or people or individual. Sunday I figured we could start with the Vikings and work out way over to Mongolia or something. If we had any boomers left after that we’d see what we could do next.

Yeah, it didn’t add to my sunny disposition when the computer crashed again that day.🙂

At one point I looked over at my hubby and sighed; “They make cheese now, ya know. And chocolate. And clocks. That’s about it.”

He so hates me! LOL

I just couldn’t get up any respect for the Vikings. I told him; “They’re just thugs. They’re not even Warriors.” At that point I walked away and shortly after the computer crashed again. I suppose that was The Big Guy getting me for my impudence. He’s a fan of the Vikings, but you probably knew that already.

Well, I gotta take my old butt to work. Maybe I’ll write this afternoon. Computer permitting, of course.

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  1. catching up on laundry is such a tedious task. i’m constantly behind, not even mentioning the ironing, i hate that with a vengeance!!
    shame about ol’e computer. did a full re-install yet?

    • Ironing? No way! Not me. I bring it down, I sort it, I wash it, I dry it, I fold it and put it away. I do not iron.🙂 Ye Ole ‘Puter seems to be up and chugging away today. Let’s hope it stays that way.

  2. following a kinda of Norse path, we love VIKINGS. we find it very entertaining n I wanna chop shit up with my axe and sword. Hail ODIN all father and Thor, anf Freya guide my blade.

    Love you Sis

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