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In case you can’t tell by the new blog look….I updated my web site! And it’s AWESOME! hahahaha

No, really….it is.🙂

I did it in two days! Wow, man, look what I can do when I’m not busy taking care of other people’s bullshit! I can take care of my own important business…woot-woot!

Check out the new header


Admittedly, it looks a lot better on the new black background. I love black sites. I think they’re elegant, sexy, sophisticated, intriguing and mysterious. So I finally went Back to Black. And blue. My other favorite. Some of you may recognize the blue moon and our new little guy from a defunct awards program I used to run.😉

I made new buttons like this one


The whole thing really ties together quite wonderfully. I even put my GoodReads feed on every page. I figured; What the hell? It ain’t too damn shabby anyway might as well let the world see it.

I even found a love blue star background to go with it all.

I really hated the last update. I was so rushed and hurried and concerned with others that I did a shit job on it. Not anymore!

Be a good friend and check out the New Front Page at least. I’m just about to start inviting tons of people to the site, those promos/ads of mine will kick off this month and I signed up for the Romance Reviews Summer Fling. I get lots of hits from it but I never can tell if it boosts sales. Maybe this time it will!

Now that we’ve cleaned house and spruced everything up I feel like writing again. Come Hell or High Water that’s EXACTLY what I’m doing this weekend! ALL Weekend…oh well, except for Saturday afternoon, of course.

IRON MAN III…baby! And I am going! Oh yes I am! I’ve waited YEARS for this! I can’t wait any longer!

To-ny! To-ny! To-ny!


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  1. ace new look!

    no spoilers about tony, seeing it at a later date❤

    • I’ll try really hard! But you know I’m gonna blog all about it! LOL I can’t wait to see it!!!!

      I’m glad you like the new look on the site, I did a wee-bit more tweaking. Made some of the graphics a tiny bit smaller on the main page and it all tightened up very nicely🙂 A lot better than the last design anyway!


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