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So glad it’s FRIDAY! 1-I’m outta that craptastic place I call work

Yeah, that sums it up pretty good on that one😉 Damn I wish I could get Sam Jackson to come visit that place for a day! LOL

2-and so much more importantly…


IRON MAN 3 bitches!

I’m so excited I’m just about dancing in my chair! I can’t wait. I read a review…ok I skimmed…a review on it in “The Day” paper this morning and I have to say I really hope that ‘reviewer’s’ scale only goes up to 3. Cuz I don’t think there’s any motherfuckin’ way that this motherfuckin’ movie gets only 2.5 motherfuckin’ stars from anyone. So, I’m not taking his drivel into account. Let’s face it, he ain’t exactly Roger Ebert.

I know this movie is ‘heavy’ and I know this movie is ‘dark’ and that’s why I’m having a hard time waiting for it. I adore ‘Tony Stark’ but I’m thinking this could be a ‘Tony Stark’ I can really sink my motherfuckin’ teeth into, well, if he’ll let me.🙂

I’ll try not to give out any spoilers when I review it this weekend here in Ye Olde Blog but, just in case, maybe you don’t want to read the review until after you see the movie. Consider that Fair Warning. hahaha

I made a recent change in my life and I’m so much happier for it; I’ve stopped watching ‘the news’. Yep. Sure have. GMA still gets 15-20 minutes of my attention between 7:00am-7:20am but that’s about it. Other than that I am blissfully unaware. I don’t even check out the Yahoo! News or The Patch anymore. If I remember come 7:30pm (which I usually don’t) I might get a recap of Jon Stewart. I’d rather watch “Castle” to tell you the truth. I figure ya can’t really change anything out there and who would know what to change if they could? There are so many lies/half-truths and plain old mounds of bullshit everywhere I go to try to inform myself I can’t believe any of it. I got sick of trying to wade through it. Unlike my dear friend Andy there’s no end to this sewer pipe so no one will ever come out clean they’ll just stink of shit for the rest of their lives.

I quit.

I don’t care who’s fuckin’ over who or what country’s taking over another one or using weapons of mass destruction against their own people.

Screw ’em.

Although I suppose I’d like to know if that freakin’ Arias Trial ever ended. I still can’t believe how long that went on. It seemed longer than Watergate. Strange.
I don’t care if they find her guilty or not, I’d just like to know if it’s over. That’s all.

The nice weather has finally made it to New England so that’s aiding in my new-found I-Don’t-Give-A-Rats’-Ass Sunny Disposition. Though I don’t know about April Showers Bringing May Flowers cuz we didn’t get ANY showers. That’s a wee bit unusual. I did get my houseplants outside. The Rosemary is GORGEOUS! It wintered over nice and healthy it’s big, green, lush and smells so fantastic! My orchid continues to bloom and bud. The other one has put off a new shoot so there’s hope there for later this year or next year. I got a nice hanging pansy (dark purple) from Nikki and Nate. My 3 Christmas Cacti are also doing well, very well. Two of them belonged to my mother who’s been dead 19 years. She had them forever and now I do. I also have her Ivy plant which threatens to die but then bursts back to life often. They’re all out in the deck in various areas of sun and seem to be happy. I have a nice new little patch of Money Plant growing way down in the back and I think my line of wild Foxglove will come back better than ever before (shhhh, shouldn’t say that too loud).

In a few weeks I’ll get some baby plants; tomatoes, peppers, maybe a few herbs or flowers and some more big pots. I’ll get some bean and pea seeds to plant and I might like to try making that Flower Tower Home Depot keeps showing me on the TV. Looks easy and two in the front yard would be very nice. I have to plant my toilet and hope the deer don’t eat whatever I plant. The boat is showing signs of life though I’m pretty sure this is the last year for that, the poor thing is falling apart along with my toilet so we may bid adieu to them late this year.

Off to check movie times and if I can buy advanced tickets! Hoping to go tonight but may have to wait for tomorrow. Poor hubby has been working VERY hard lately, he’s come home totally beat several nights in a row due to a new super-duper project they have him working on. There could be big-doings in the works for hubby. I hope so. He’s earned it, that’s for sure! If he gets a massive raise, which he also deserves and has been an exceedingly long time coming, then I just might………..

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  1. i’ll be forewarned if you start with iron man 3 in the title i will not read that blogpost until i’ve seen the movie myself😉
    as for the green fingers, i gave them up eons ago. i can’t hold a plant if my life depended on it! even a cactus that barely needs water i manage to kill … and if it isn’t me then the cats will make sure of it, and seeing we’re getting addition 5 and 6 i’m being spart and give up plants all together😉 i’ll enjoy those in my moms garden.

    • Now that Nikki and her husband moved in back in March I’ve had 3 cats and a dog in the house. None of them bother the plants. Well, the older cat did at first but a few finger snaps with ‘get offa-there’ and that cured him.🙂 I saw your pics of the new kitten on FB….ADORABLE! I almost brought another cat home today there’s a stray black cat where I work. If I can catch him I’ll adopt him.

      • that is just the one kitty, we’re getting two from same litter but on second one it isn’t 100%, breeder is still considering keeping that one herself but the odds it’s going to be ours are 70%, once that is 100% i’ll update on him too, i have his pictures saved😉
        second would be the coloring of a russian blue with a bit of white on chest and tiny markings on face, adorable😉 you can check on go to kitty section, there is currently only one blue on there😉

  2. I was going to see it for my birthday this weekend, but dont have the money.

    Hope its good. Please let us know

    • Hey there! I didn’t know you were still with me, nice to ‘see’ you again! Movie was GREAT! If you scrape together a few bucks maybe you can hit a matinee they’re usually cheaper than the night showings.🙂

  3. I am gonna watch IM3 off a pirate site. can’t wait to walk and go see them in the theater.

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