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I figured I should do this in two parts. I know a lot of you don’t want to read my up-coming review of Iron Man 3 cuz you haven’t seen the flick yet and I don’t want to spoil it for you.

So…I went to like I said I would yesterday and I looked up times for the movie. I was unaware it was available in 3-D…at like 3x the showings of regular D. I’m not a fan of 3-D. Nope. Didn’t like it much when I was a kid and I don’t like it much now. I think it detracts more than it adds. So I stared and stared at the 7:20pm showing with my mouse hovering over ‘buy tickets’. Then I sighed and clicked out. I was unsure if hubby would be up to going to the movie last night or if he would want to wait until today. You can’t get your money back on movie tickets so….

I thought about calling/texting him to see how he was doing but didn’t want to bother him knowing he was working so hard. I just waited (on pins and needles) until he got home. I met him at the door like I always do and he looked beat, he shook a Dunkin’ Donuts bag at me from the car and handed me half a box of Dunkin’ Donuts leftover from his big day at work. He slunk out of the car all tired and glassy-eyed. We went in the house.

He exploded with news of his long but extremely successful day at work! He was so proud of himself and I am very proud of him. He did an awesome job and all went better than expected. I gave him a big hug.

He gave me two tickets to Iron Man 3!!!!


The 7:20pm show!


He did such a good job with his big task that nearly everyone got to go home early. On his way home he went to the theater and got the tickets to surprise me. I was very surprised and happy that I didn’t click ‘buy tickets’πŸ™‚

We sat around a little bit, talked about his big day, decompressed a bit and tossed around ideas for dinner. We finally decided on the Panda Buffet. We’ve gone there often. It’s very good. When we got there, for the first time ever, we had to sit in the back room because the place was packed! We got plates of peel-n-eat shrimp to start our feast. Their idea of cocktail sauce is 3 cups of ketchup to 1 tsp of horseradish. I like 3 tablespoons of ketchup to 5 tablespoons of horseradish. Love horseradish…yummy. We ate our shrimp and talked some more about his big day. Then we went up to get our main course. I walked past the sushi to the first row of buffet goodies and was promptly stared at!

Things have changed at my favorite Chinese buffet. They’ve gotten much more, ah, ethnic.

One should never have to see a shrimp with its head still on staring at you from behind breadcrumb covered eyes.

I nearly freaked out! LOL There was a whole stack of those poor little suckers. Just piled on top of each other forever staring into nothingness.

I pushed the image aside and was greeted by a fairly familiar New England site; crab legs. Ick. But..ok. There were smelly steamed clams. Ick. Smelly oysters. Ick. Yeah, other than shrimp cocktail, fish n chips, and a tuna sandwich… you can keep all of the seafood in the world as far as I’m concerned. I got to the second buffet row of goodies and saw…frog legs. I saw the sign first and thought; oh, no, that can’t be right. Then I looked in the tray.😦 Yep. Frog legs. I almost barfed. Last row of buffet goodies brought me face-to-face with more dead staring eyes in the form of crawdaddies. Feeling a little ill, I took my chicken wing, coconut chicken, slice of pork roast, and chicken-on-a-stick back to the table. We ate. I couldn’t stop seeing hundreds of dead black tiny eyes staring at me. Really, it’s just rude to leave the critter’s head on like that. Rude, I say, rude. I don’t wanna eat nothin’ that LOOKING AT ME. Well, ya know, nothing DEAD that’s looking at me and that’s not a human male. Yeah, that works. hahaha

We finished our main course and got up for dessert. I figured, they can’t fuck that up. I passed the sushi again and tried not to look at it but on my way back to the table these monster shrimp on the sushi table caught my eye. I thought; oh, I could find room for one big shrimp. I walked up to the table to get one. But it was false advertising. Same shrimp we had earlier but flayed open and stuffed with rice. No thanks. I went to turn away when something…odd…caught my eye. It was so odd I couldn’t help taking a closer look. Stupid me. My mind registered that, yes, those were suckers on tentacles, attached to full little octopi that was covered in some type of yucky sauce. I waited half a second but it didn’t move so that was good.

I’ll be sticking to China House delivery from now on.πŸ™‚ They don’t have shrimp cocktail but nothing there stares back at me and turns my stomach either so it’s a good trade.

Hubby says I am ‘sheltered’ and ‘a snob’. Maybe. I still don’t want nothing looking at me when I eat it. Sorry.

The Big Guy laughed at me as I picked at my pineapple chunks telling me I’d never make it in Greece. Nope, according to him, no matter how much I want to, I should not go. I might starve to death while I’m there. LOL He picked on me for taking pity on the shrimp….after all they were the same ones I had just eaten! He wanted to know if it would have been better if the breadcrumb crusted wide-eyed shrimp had their heads removed. Yes, I told him, shrimp don’t have heads! Didn’t he know that? They just have legs that you have to peel off. He laughed so hard I think I jumped in my seat. Then he reminded me that “Forrest Gump” was the very first time ever that I realized shrimp DID have heads! I’d just never seen them before that stupid movie.

We left the Panda Buffet with plenty of room for popcorn and coffee. We went to Dunkin’ Donuts and got two cups. Made our way to the movie theater and, as is tradition, we parked way in back to drink our coffee and have a smoke before we went inside.

Hubby said; “We have twenty minutes.”

I said; “No, we have ten max.” He doesn’t like sitting through the commercials and previews he likes to get inside when the movies starts.

There was a line of people getting tickets. We already had ours but I reminded him that didn’t guarantee we’d get to sit together on Opening Night. We did our thing and went inside. Just walked ahead of everybody else. hahaha We went into the theater and it was about half-full, we had to sit much further down-front than usual so we could sit together. We got our seats, I went to use the Ladies Room and get popcorn and soda. By the time I came back it was 3/4 full. We were the only ones in our row when I left and when I came back it was full. I had to squeeze past five or six very young and handsome gentlemen to get to my hubby. Ooooo…that kinda made up for the headed shrimp! heheheh

By the time the movie started there wasn’t a seat in the house! It was PACKED! I haven’t seen a movie with that many people in a very long time. I guess we’re not the only ones who don’t like 3D.πŸ™‚

We watched the previews, I like them in the movie house and on DVD, they help me know what to look forward to. There’s a crapwad of awesome summer movies coming! We saw the trailer for “Star Trek: Into Darkness”….OH MY! I can’t wait! This looks killer! We saw previews for a new “Wolverine” movie. I love “Wolverine”. I leaned over to hubby and said; “Ya know, all those years we watched the “X-Men” cartoon I never would have thought “Wolverine” would have stepped out as the big star.” Yellow spandex and all, ya know. We saw previews for “Thor 2″! Woot! Yes! And a preview for a new Will Smith movie….”After Earth”? Looks good. The Fresh Prince is getting old on me, made me a little sad. There was an extended preview for “The Great Gatsby”. I don’t like DiCraprio but it looks ok. I skimmed the book in high school for English class one year. From the looks of the movie maybe I should have actually READ it? I hated that teacher, I wouldn’t do anything he wanted, he was a jerk.

Ok, so the movie did start.

Thus ends this entry for the consideration of those who don’t want to read my review. Those of you who do want to read it…meet me at the next post.

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  1. hehe seems you two made a nice evening out of it!!
    i’m hoping to catch it next week, kids are home for a few days then. and yeah i like those previews too thor 2 hmmmm and wolverine, hugh jackman is pretty nice on his twitter page, posts often also sneakpeak and behind the scenes of the movie and his own personal live. i approveπŸ˜‰

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