Iron Man 3

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I’m so glad I didn’t listen to that idiot from “The Day”, what a moron. 2.5 stars my left butt cheek! Jerk. Oh well, like all other ‘news’ media, ya can’t trust a damn thing “The Day” puts out either.

This really IS “the best Iron Man yet”. That’s saying a lot coming from me cuz when it comes to movies I’m a purist. I like franchise films but I never find a sequel/prequel to be better than the first movie in the series. Hubby always wants to watch “Iron Man 2” and, as much as I love Mickey Rourke, I’d rather watch “Iron Man”. Same for “Sherlock Holmes” or “Lethal Weapon” or “Star Wars” or….well, no. Not “Star Trek”, definitely not. Not “Batman” either, nope. Ok, so there are exceptions to the rule.

“Iron Man 3” is right at the top of that list.

It’s different from the other two. It’s much more dramatic as opposed to the traditional melodrama. Even though there are many more “Iron Men” there’s more ‘Tony Stark’ than “Iron Man” in this flick and I liked that. He’s still the same wise cracking billionaire philanthropist genius playboy but more human. We get to see a bit more the real ‘Tony’, the guy every woman knows is under there…somewhere…if we could just get to him.🙂

The first major difference is they gave him panic attacks. Poor Tony. You know I can feel for the guy but the more interesting thing is; Robert Downey, Jr. suffered from massive panic attacks for a long time. Or so I hear via the Celebrity News. I found that out years ago, long before “Iron Man” came along. Along with jail and cocaine it was one of the things that kept him from making movies for a good long while. It’s one of the things that I connected with in him and made me cheer on his big come-back.

It’s kind of difficult to imagine Tony Stark having a full blown panic attack. After all, he’s got everything and so much more. But it really humanized him even though the movie doesn’t play on it quite enough. It’s just a little taste here and there. I suppose I should say I hate the PG-13 rating. Can’t stand it. I wish they’d get rid of it. Give me an Adult Movie or a Family Movie…not this 50/50 deal. It’s unsatisfying on many levels. But you can’t sell millions of toys to kids if they don’t see the movie so….

Yes, yes, they really do take away the ONE thing I’ve ALWAYS wanted from Tony Stark; the house. It was gloriously blown to shit but it broke my heart. I love that house. I want that house. And Jarvis too, of course. I never realized just how big that house is until this flick, it’s HUGE. And it’s a real house. I’ve seen pictures of it online. I hope it’s still there and they didn’t really blow it up, I know the owner was trying to sell it.

There are majorly awesome big-budget effects…tons of them. Totally cool and not cheesy in the slightest. What else would you expect from Iron Man?

The storyline is heavier and more adult. It took has its wise cracking moments, wouldn’t be Iron Man or Tony Stark without them, but they’re a bit fewer and further between. I liked that too.

I did find myself missing Scarlet Johansen. That’s weird. But Pepper Pots was really good, she’s growing on me. It’s not that I don’t like her it just took me a little longer to see in her what others do. She’s cool. Like the new hair! Nice touch.

I looked up the Bad Guy on IMDB but didn’t recognize him from anything but “Prometheus” and he was heavily made-up for that one. Still he looked familiar. Weird. He was a good bad guy, did a very good job. Not like that stupid ‘Bane’ from the last “Batman”. Ick. I kept trying to merge him and the ‘Mandarin’ character because at first I thought they were supposed to be the same guy. But then it hit me; holy shit, that’s Ben Kingsley! That whole storyline was great! LOVED it! I won’t ruin it for you but I think you’ll like it too.

I don’t know if we’ll get an Iron Man 4, I hope we do and judging by the ending of the flick a whole lotta other people hope so too. Usually, right as a movie ends, the crowd starts getting up, collecting its belonging and leaving, but they all stayed through the credits waiting to see if Sam Jackson made a short appearance as is traditional.

I won’t ruin that for you either. But that’s just because I don’t know! LOL We did leave when the crew credits started rolling.

Now we have to wait for Avengers 2 to see our beloved Tony Stark again. But in between we’ll get a dose of Thor which is nice. He’s yummy. Really really yummy. Like lickable yummy. Still can’t believe it’s the same kid from the first “Star Trek” flick.🙂

In conclusion, Aunty Moon gives Iron Man 3 an A+ and highly suggests you RUN to see it. If you’re an Iron Man fan, don’t wait for DVD. You really want to see this on the Big Screen. Most impressive.

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