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I know I said I don’t watch the ‘news’ anymore and I don’t but I do still get those few minutes every morning for my local ‘news’ and GMA.

Today GMA blared; “A TERRIFYING moment in baseball.”

I thought; A TERRIFYING moment? In BASEBALL. Alright, I’ll bite.

So I waited and I watched to see this TERRIFYING moment and….

Holy shit!


Yeah, my jaw dropped to my knees when I saw it. Poor guy. Damn! That’s gonna leave a mark.😉 The last I read he was in ‘stable’ condition so that’s good.

Yesterday they brought me the news about Amanda Berry & Company. I was in the kitchen fixing my coffee and heard bits and pieces of the ‘preview’. I came into the living room and hubby said; “They found 3 girls kidnapped for 10 years.”

I sighed, or something, and said something about it being ‘a shame’ and started to drink my coffee when he blurted out;

“NO! ALIVE! They found them ALIVE!”

OH MY! WOW! 3 in 1 to boot? Damn! (again)

While I’m thrilled for Amanda Berry & Company along with their families and friends, this guy is my new hero!

Way to go Charles Ramsey! The world needs A LOT MORE people like you!

Dude…you’re awesome!

I saw him on GMA this morning but was a little disappointed, I think they ‘cleaned’ him up a bit and I like him the way he is.

Last but not least; Burying the Bomber. Difficult, huh? Yeah I know. They didn’t like it much when some guy said he’d give up a plot not too far from me for the guy. Nope. They did not. But it didn’t help that the ‘spokesman’ for the ground looked like a retired, possibly hungover, Hell’s Angel. No, it did not. I understand we have to dispose of the body, yes, I do. Can’t we ship him back to The Motherland? How ’bout cremation? Is there a ‘law’ in his religion against that? I don’t know so I’m asking. If not, can’t we just throw him on a pyre and scatter his ashes to the wind? What about his parents? They’re alive and they don’t live here, don’t they wanna take his ass ‘home’? If not, why not?

Oh yeah, sorry, one more thing. I did discover that Arias Trial is OVER and that it lasted FOUR months! I looked it up, the Watergate Hearings took 319 hours. I remember them so well because Back in the Day we only had 3 stations and ALL 3 had it on! It was SUMMER! I was bored off my ass! LOL So, I think her trial did last longer. Weird. But it’s over. Still waiting on a verdict so I heard last but at least it’s over.🙂

Oh yeah and one more thing; I hate this Season Finales in May crap! I had to say good-bye to all almost of my favorite shows this week! What happened to June? They used to end in JUNE! If friggin’ “March Madness” can start in February and keep going until….oh yeah…NOW! I would think ‘regular TV’ could keep a full schedule without too many problems. Tomorrow I say ‘good-bye’ to ‘Mr. Reese’…Damn (again). Come Tuesday I’ll say my last season farewell to ‘Gibbs’ and LL Cool J…DAMN…(again!) Then I’ll fall into a funk until September, or maybe it will be November, no, wait I know, they’ll come back in January so they can run 5 lousy months then disappear.

Hate ’em.


I was going to console myself with some yummy tasty take-out while hubby goes to Open Mic…but…those jerks in Hicksville didn’t pay me AGAIN (DAMN!). I’m keeping and extemporaneous journal of all this fruity crap. That way I’ll have a nice file to back me up if I have to grieve them in the near future. Fuck with ME all you want. Fuck with my MONEY…I’m gonna make you eat your dick! No salt. No pepper. No ketchup. Just a big honkin’ mouthful of your own cock. Or whatever sexual organ you may possess.


Hate ’em.

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