Do You Believe in Miracles

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I’m starting too. A little tiny bit anyway.

Almost a full year ago, I wrote this post The City of New London is an Absentee Landlord in which I showed you my ‘lovely’ sidewalk. A few months ago, over on The New London Patch, an article stated there were several streets in the city getting new sidewalks. Mine was not one of them and I posted the above link on The Patch so everyone could see my ‘lovely’ sidewalk.

And they did.

That single blog post has had well over 2,000 hits! With 90% of them being from….New London.

Here’s a few pics just to refresh your memory. They were taken almost a year ago so the sidewalk is in even worse shape now.




Who could ask for more, huh??😉

Two days ago, I went to The Patch and saw a similar article regarding streets that are slated for upgrading in 2014. I sighed, clicked the link, and

My street’s on the list!!!


It’s not just the sidewalk! OMG….it’s the STREET too!

Are you kidding me??? I nearly had a heart attack reading it, seriously, I almost did!

How the hell did THAT happen??????

I mean, it’s only about a 50-year wait on this one. AND…if I read it right, some of my neighbors who don’t have any sidewalk AT ALL might actually get one!

What changed????

Hummmmmm….can’t say for sure but it could have something to do with ‘shame’.

See, at least one of the streets currently getting an overhaul DOES NOT NEED IT. Not in the slightest. It’s a HUGE project to boot. The main reason that street is getting an upgrade, when it doesn’t need one, is that it’s a ‘main street’. In fact, if New London had one, this street would probably be called Main Street. In other words; it shows. You know, according to Gallagher, in America we just fix what shows. That should be New London’s Motto and not Mare Liberum which means “the free sea” or “the freedom of the sea”…take your pick. Yeah, we got sea, we do. Gods know that’s all we got; Sun, Sand, and Surf down at the quaint but passed-over-by-time place we call Ocean Beach. Hell, if you Wiki Page we almost sound kinda-sorta ok. Well, except for this near the top of the page; New London subsequently became home to other shipping and manufacturing industries, but has gradually lost its commercial and industrial heart. Personally I’m fairly certain the writer wanted to say; but has gradually lost its balls. But I could be wrong. I don’t think so. But maybe. I think the commercial and industrial heart was cut out while it was still beating, thrown on the floor, then stomped on to make room for oodles of churches, dozens of schools, tons of charitable organizations, don’t forget the thousands and thousands of low-income apartments, Connecticut College (doesn’t built anything, doesn’t even teach you how to build anything), Lawrence & Memorial Hospital, and the USCGA.

Bad investments. All of them. At least for the City of New London. Good investments for those organizations I’m sure.

BUT, for right now, we’re On The List. So I’m happy. For now. I’m fairly certain that come 2014 someone will want to purchase a head for Fudgy the Whale Tail Fountain or spend money on something equally stupid/bogus/inane and just plain useless…. and there will go my sidewalk.

However, for right now, I will rejoice and happily delude myself that the City of New London does care about its tax paying citizens at least as much as it cares about its non-tax paying denizens. Which is a refreshing change. For now.

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