Mother’s Day Weekend

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We haven’t had a photo post in a while so I thought we were due. I took some pics of my backyard, I want to document The Lot Through The Seasons. Unfortunately, I didn’t get off my butt until around sundown.🙂


Getting better but that’s not due to anything Lawrence and Memorial Hospital did, it’s just Good Ol’ Mother Nature. Yes, I promise the next time you see The Toilet it will be planted. LOL I gotta get rid of that this year but I don’t want to. Anyone in the area got an old tub they wanna get rid of? I’ll use it to replace the toilet. Been hoping to find an old claw foot tub on the curb somewhere doesn’t have to be a big one just one of those half-sized ones we had long ago and far away when we lived on Prospect Street. I think it’ll be a good planter so if anyone’s got one…let me know.

I do have a nice little crop of Money Plant coming up down there


Later in the year the purple flowers will turn into the ‘Silver Dollars’ everyone knows and loves to put in dried flower arrangements.

My two fruit trees are still hanging in


Ok, so maybe this is the last time you’ll see The Toilet…hahaha. Nectarine is doing well as always it has tons of blossoms. It’ll get tons of teeny nectarines that’ll fall off before they can get anywhere near ‘big’ or ‘ripe’. Bummer. But I love the color. I still say I’m going to paint a room that color one day.



Apple tree is doing better. Well, it’s not laying on the ground anymore! LOL If you take that stick away it still stands up on its own but we’re not ready to completely relieve it of its support just yet. Maybe in the fall or next spring.

My rose bushes are dead. Yep. That’s my fault. I ran them down with the lawn mower last year. Woops. I was pissed but…oh well. That old riding mower just turn as well as it used to.😉 On the good side it looks like the gladiolas will come back well along with the oregano, lemon balm, and live-forever. You really can’t kill that stuff! I should dig it up and split it up. Phlox Box is coming back along with its weeds, of course. But the little cherry tree on the corner is doing very well, that thing puts off a ton of little sweet cherries. Wallflowers are doing their thing already and now that we’ve gotten rid of the barbed wire (after how many years?????) it doesn’t look so….hickish….anymore. Unlike my toilet, I know. Out front The Boat is doing nicely though it needs to be weeded. I had 3 bright pink tulips come up this year and the little cowslip I planted years ago is really taking off. The pinks should come back soon, maybe a strawberry or two, along with a ton of beautiful if unwanted soap wort.

It’s Mothers Day Weekend and that means this is the one weekend a year I get to go slightly nuts and buy plants. So I did.🙂

We went to Ye Olde Home Depot yesterday and hubby left me alone in the Plant Section while he went off to find new inner tubes for the lawn mower. We really should just give that thing a proper burial and try to find a good new-to-us mower. I wanted to build the Flower Tower but when I realized how many petunias would be needed for just one and the other costs involved I shied away from that project. I wandered around and the very first thing I saw was a new plant stand, heart shaped, pretty. $10.00! If I want something that’s $10.00 or under I don’t usually argue with myself over it I just get it if I have the $10.00 but I left it and wandered some more. When I saw it a second display I wanted it more. When I saw it in a third I grabbed one.

By the time we left we had…


That’s the $10.00 stand. I love it. When I put my Buddha next to it it’ll look even sweeter. I had to have it. I’m a pagany-witchy-sucker and the little ball on the top just totally sold me on it. LOL That’s the plant Nikki and Nate gave me.

New strawberry plant. I don’t know if the other two made it through the winter they’re looking pretty dead so I splurged on that one at $10.00. Next to it a new ‘hanging garden’. I looked at it with hubby when it caught my eye. I looked at it. I looked at it. I finally picked it up and handed it to him; “Will this work?” He looked at the package and said; “Yes.” So I splurged again at $20.00 and got the one to try out. Looks like we’ll be getting a few more. I’m always looking for ways to put more plants on the deck because I don’t have an in-ground garden and I want to keep my plants away from the deer. But I think L&M may have done me a favor there, I haven’t seen a deer in forever and I didn’t see any droppings when we walked the yard. If this ‘hanging garden’ works out we’ll get two more for that side. Everyone said; “Put more on the other side, fill it up.” I said; “I can’t see them on the other side.” Maybe that’s selfish of me, I dunno.😉

Here are the New Additions for 2013.



We have 5 packs of 8 petunias in various colors. I almost didn’t get the one on the far end, the coral colored one but it just kinda called out; “Oh, please buy me.” So I did. I didn’t really want the red one but someone grumbled that;

You never buy red! You know it’s my favorite color.

So I got those too.🙂

Behind the petunias, in a little pot you really can’t see, are some Straight Eight cucumbers. Next to them we have 4 tomato plants. Yes, I’m going to try it again! Fat ugly nasty gross crawly green bugs be damned! I want my fresh tomatoes this year! I always buy what my father bought…always. Until this year I had no idea they were ‘heirloom’ varieties. I’m given to understand it is better to buy ‘heirloom’ plants than ‘hybrids’, they taste better and are better for the environment and they don’t put a bunch of money into Monsanto’s pockets. So that’s good too. The big one is a Beefsteak and there’s a smaller one too. The others are Better Boy and I thought I picked up a Big Boy but it’s a Reuters. Dunno. We’ll find out.

Then there are the last two splurges of the day.


For obvious sentimental reasons I couldn’t resist the Calla although I really tried. I grew them one year and they were gorgeous but they didn’t winter over. I loved the color so I spent the $15.00 and got them. The last one is an Impatient plant that will die quickly, I’m sure. I never have any luck with them but at $7.00 thought I could give it a shot…again.

We got dirt, a great big huge….ahhhh….package…of it. $50.00! I wasn’t into that but hubby insisted. I don’t think this growing mix very much, I used it before and it’s ok but it’s very fluffy and just kinda flies away when I’m filling pots. I think I’ll mix it with some of the ‘old’ dirt in the pots to make it stretch and not fly away. I did get one new pot too. I wanted it last year but talked myself out of it and it’s only $6.00. It’s big! I think I’ll put the cucumbers in it.


They had 3 of them, I should have gotten at least one 1 more as some of my big pots have big holes! LOL But this one will do for now.

My orchids are still doing very well


but I need some help.



You see those shoots? Both plants are full of them. I don’t know if I should repot them again or not. I guess I’ll have to do some research. Oh well, as long as they’re big lush and growing I’m a happy gal.

It is Mother’s Day Weekend and I think I got a visit from my mom. She collected glassware all my life and when she died one of her last requests was that I break up her glassware collection and give a piece to every one of her friends. It killed me but I did it. I gave my Aunt Emma a Oil and Vinegar set of crackle glass one red the other orange each with a beaded ball top. A few years ago Emma died. The house has sat empty for a while then her grandson moved in and I thought about going over there and just saying; “Hey, Chrissy, do you have….” But I felt like such a freakin’ heel every time it crossed my mind! What an Indian Giver! Just go over there and say; “Can have this back?” As we left the house today the street was full of cars. I saw the ‘garage sale’ sign over at Emma’s and knew it was my last chance. So we went over and saw Chris (my Godfather), his wife Phyllis, their daughter Katey, and Chrissy (my Godson, don’t laugh…yes, I have a Godson!) I said; “Do you happen to have….” Katey took me down stairs, I rounded the corner and there was the red one. I snatched it up. Then was told that lot had been sold. I was too late. But Chris said; “Take it, take it.” So I held on to it. We found the lady buying the lot who didn’t speak any English. Phyllis pointed to me and the cruet and said; “Su Madre…” The woman smiled, pushed the cruet in my outstretched hands toward and said; “Si, take it.”


So it’s home. After all these years. It’s back where it belongs. Bummer I couldn’t find the orange one but that’s ok. I saw a lot things at the garage sale that brought a smile to my lips as they reminded me of warm childhood memories. I’ll probably go back tomorrow and see what’s left. Maybe I can bring another memory home to put on the mantle.

On my way home yesterday, since I was feeling a little happy, I stopped at the package store to get a six-pack of Coors Light. It’s late spring and this time of year I drink beer. Everyone thinks that’s strange. From May until early September I’ll drink beer. From mid-September to early-May, I won’t touch it. Don’t have the slightest hankering for it. There’s just something about the warmer weather that goes so well with a cold beer that I can’t resist it. BUT, while I was there I took a peek looking for something that I’ve been looking for for months! Every package store I go to I look and I ask and no one knows what I’m talking about. I peered over the bottles of ‘fancy’ beer to the shelf of hard-liquor and saw the SoCo, I sighed. I saw regular, 100 proof, lime (ick), pepper (even more ick!) and another one with a red stripe that ended in ‘ry’ and went; “Yeah!” I dashed over to it and snatched it from the shelf faster than lightning!


Months ago my friend told me about this and I have been waiting and waiting for it to come up my way. I got it open, cracked it open, poured it in a glass and…Oh My! That’s nice! It tastes almost exactly like one of my Dad’s Velvet Smooth Manhattans. It really does. All I could think was how much he would have loved it. My mom too.

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