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I have a habit of picking up strays. I do. Especially when it came to boys…drove my mother nukin’ futz! You know that scene in “Pretty Woman” where ‘Vivian’ tells ‘Edward’ her mother used to; “Call me a Bum Magnet, yep if there was a Bum within fifty miles I was attracted to him.” That was so me. LOL

I stopped picking up stray guys and taking ’em home when I met hubby. Not that he was a stray, well, not exactly, I guess. It’s a long story. Very long. I’m sure you’re not interested.

Suffice it to say that now I just pick up stray cats.


I’ve seen this one hanging around the Union Hall when I go to work in the mornings. It’s usually scrounging around the parking lot where I turn around. When I go out to have a cigarette I can hear it crying. I always look for it. I always call for it; “Here kitty, kitty.” And it always ignores me.

Not today.

I went out to have my cig. I heard it crying. I called for it. And it came right to me!🙂

Scooped it up, brought it inside, got a bowl of water and locked it in my office with me for the day. It sat on my lap the whole day. I mean…the WHOLE day. Just sat there cuddling and purring away. I pet it and talked to it, noticed it has no hair on one ear and, while it’s an American Short Hair it has a bad case of dandruff or something. Needs a bath and brushing. Needs a little love. It’s a little skinny and far less than a year old. Yep, needed a home and it took to me like a fish to water.

I only take in black cats. I generally wait for them to pick me instead of the other way around.

Seemed like Fate was speaking. So I took it home.

It did not like the car ride home. I put it in a big box and taped the lid loosely shut. Nope, it was not a fan of that. LOL Also not much of a fan of the 3 cats already here. Nope. Harry gave me the Old Stink Eye but he’s very sociable and likes living with the other 2 cats now that he’s become accustomed to having buddies around again. I don’t think it’s seen the dog yet. Yes, we have one of those too since Nikki and Nate moved in some months ago. Cute little dog, skittish. Harry made it poop where it stood one day…not kidding…wish I’d been there to see it instead of just hearing about it. LOL Ever since the dog gives Harry a wide berth.

I think the new kitty is a girl but I’m not sure. I think it’s a girl because every time I tried to raise its tail to take a peek it pulled the tail away and gave me that glare girls give boys when their touch is unwelcome. Ya know; prissy. Not like Harry. If you want to raise his tail he’ll wiggle his fluffy butt in your face just like any guy.🙂

Until I can find out the sex I can’t give it a name other than ‘Kitty’ or maybe ‘Lucky’. You know we’re going more for ‘Aphrodite’ if it’s a girl even though black and I should call it ‘Hera’ or ‘Artemis/Diana’ instead. Did I mention its very affectionate? Like a little overly affectionate so I’m thinking ‘Aphrodite’ will be a good name.

Right now the new addition is exploring the basement, I don’t know why new cats always start there but they do. Sooner or later it will come upstairs and explore the rest of the house. It’ll start getting used to the 3 older cats and the dog. Should be fun.

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  1. I like the Aphrodite name with a nickname of Affie for short, if Kitty is female that is.

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