It’s Time To Go Outside

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Or it was.

Or something like that.

I spent ALL day Sunday out in the sunshine. I felt guilty that I wasn’t getting any writing done but hubby reminded me that sometimes Hobbitses just have to go outside and get their little hands dirty.πŸ™‚

I was prepared to plant until I realized my wonderful hubby threw away my dirt. Yes, he did. All of it. We had gotten that huge brick of growing mix but I’m not a big fan of that stuff by itself. I intended to mix it with the old potting soil. But…no. He threw it out saying it was ‘spent’. I shook my head. I have houseplants growing very nicely in the same dirt they were planted in 20 years ago. Besides that, if the soil needed to be amended we could have done that too. I was ticked mainly because one of my pots holds somewhere around 50 gallons of dirt. It’s a very big pot. It takes a crapwad of dirt. I’m a Yankee and, in my opinion, dirt should be free but it’s not. I hauled my son in-law to Benny’s to pick up two bags of top soil and one bag of composted cow poop. I found a few pots that escaped hubby’s wrath and yanked out the weeds to dump the dirt into the wheelbarrow. I mixed it up good and set about the task of planting. I had to make up several wheelbarrows to complete the task and by the end I was pretty much down to the fluffy growing mix alone so this should be a nice little science experiment along with providing tomatoes and flowers.πŸ™‚

Before I started, I dug that upside down hanging tomato basket/planter out of the attic to give it a shot. I started with it only to realize you need a really little plant to be able to shove it up into that hole. (Oooo, that sounded dirty…hahaha). I gave up on that idea. Maybe next year. I had to find another big pot since I nixed that.

But, by the time I finished, I had gotten this far




I didn’t plant the hanging garden yet. Still thinking on what to put in it. I could break up the strawberry plant into 3. I could put peas in it. I could put flowers in it. Not sure yet. Still have several petunias left to plant. I DID plant The Toilet! Will get a pic later for proof.πŸ™‚ I put ALL the red and coral petunias in The Toilet for a total of 16 plants. Plus there’s something that looks like a blueberry bush growing in the tank. I left that just to find out what it is. I put hanging pots of petunias out front and will weed the boat soon.

Hubby worked on the riding mower and got it working. I cut the grass and, as always, five minutes to the Finish Line the thing crapped out. This time the wheel fell off. I look up, there’s hubby on the deck staring at me like; What the hell is she doing? Then he calls me over and asks if I didn’t notice the wheel had fallen off. I said; No. He sighed and shook his head. LOL

He made a nice smoked pork roast for Mother’s Day dinner and we munched on that some potato salad before heading upstairs for the night. We watched “King Kong”. I know it’s corny and it’s not really a good movie and I’m a sucker for Beauty and the Beast. I think that the ‘ice skating’ scene is probably one of the most romantic I’ve ever seen in a movie. Yeah, yeah, I said I was a sucker!

Anyway, after all that work, I didn’t want to get up Monday never mind go into work. As we were sitting there having coffee watching the morning news the damn weatherman told me; Frost tonight.


Yep, had to pull in all the more delicate plants and cover the others with a tarp for the night. 😦

I purposefully wait until Mother’s Day to buy and plant plants because the danger of frost should be over by then. Let’s hope that’s the last time this year. Of course, the good thing about gardening in pots is that is easier to cover your plants when frost threatens. LOL

Now it’s time to haul my old ass to work. Very much hoping to get some writing done this afternoon if inspiration stays with me. It’s been a little lacking lately. Probably because it’s the last book in the series and, as such, I just don’t want to deal with it. The longer I can refrain from doing so the longer the story will last…in my head. There’s so much work to do so many things to add/change/rearrange, it’s daunting and confusing. I suppose we’ll get there, some way somehow, we’ll get there.

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