Little Maggie

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That is the name of our new addition; Maggie.

I tried calling her ‘Aphrodite’ and she gave me a dirty look.

Inspiration struck…on the toilet, of course. And I called out; “Maggie? Come here, Maggie.” She mewed and came trotting right over to me.

That settled that. Maggie it is.

I should mention that one of Nikki’s cats is named Ares. She named him after my Ares and he’s a rather odd cat. Very unsociable and keeps digging at his neck so badly they had to cap his claws, shave his neck, and put salve on it. It’s getting better now and, since Maggie arrived, he seems to have calmed down. His attentions are focused solely on Maggie who wants nothing to do with him.😉 Poor Ares.

Harry is watching the whole thing play out like he’s Zeus or something. He looked at her yesterday, sniffed her butt, turned around and stared up at him. I swear I heard him say; Ya brought me a gift? A whore. Thanks. She’s cute. But, ahhh, I’m an old man with a bum leg so whatdaya want me to do with her??? Then he just walked away indignantly and went out onto the deck to sun himself.

The last cat, Thor, doesn’t want to know what to make of her other than she’s another cat and he doesn’t really care. Like Harry, he’s an older cat. He’s gray and white and all of the other 3 are black as night, Harry with his fluffy fur and lion mane knows he’s still King and rules over all of them including the dog. Poor Loki, poor little dog, he just wants a buddy. He wants a friend. He stares at Maggie with big sad eyes and whines. She snubs him.

The four of them cornered her yesterday, they circled around her like in an old movie. It was quite funny watching them wander in an evenly paced circle staring at her. She’s this tiny slip of a thing, very delicate and ladylike in every way. They all tower over her. Maggie eyed them all, swatted Ares and Loki on the noses and then bolted out from the middle. She looked back, hissed, and shook her tail in the air. Typical girl.🙂

This really is going to be fun to watch for a while.

I told my boss I found the cat and he assured me there are always strays behind the hall in the warmer weather. Kittens. He doesn’t believe she belongs to anyone. I checked CraigsList and I’ll keep doing that and I’ll look for posters to see if anyone’s missing her.

After work today, I went to PetSmart and picked up; flea bath (lavender), flea collars, flea drops, kitty litter, and kitty food. I gave Maggie a bath. Oh, she didn’t like that. Nope. Not very ladylike at all. I got the Old Stink Eye and a few scratches. She didn’t want anything to do with me for the rest of the afternoon. LOL

That’s ok, Harry didn’t like his new flea collar either. he hates them! I thought we should get a jump on flea season and maybe this year we won’t have to bomb the house.

That’d be nice.🙂

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  1. you’re having your own god of war saga playing out at home now. put it on video and market it ! cats can be so …. just love them

  2. My cats are Pebbles and Bambam, I also have a Maltese named Jasmin. Bambam runs the joint, She is best buddies with Jasmin. Watching them together is a riot. They stroll side by side and sleep in the same place.🙂

  3. If u get bad fleas use borax on the carpets 3x a day for bout a week. sweep it up after 10-15 mins it shld take care of the problem. i cldnt flea bomb my house when i had it no where ti go or take my animals so i just used borax detergent…
    works wonders

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