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Probably shouldn’t be too happy too loudly, that damn Blue Bird of Happiness will hear me and come flying over here.πŸ˜‰

Hubby got an award yesterday! It came with a nice bonus! I am very proud of him, he has worked very hard at his job and it finally being recognized for all that he’s done and is doing. That’s good because the contract ends May 31st and a new one begins June 1st but…no one knows what’s going on with that so lots of people are sweating their jobs but I don’t see any reason my hubby has to be one of them. In fact, I think, if some of the ‘sweaters’ get the axe hubby’s going to be in a right fine position indeed!πŸ™‚ If that happens, it will put me in a right fine position where my own job is concerned! Meet me at the Super Secret Blog Location for a post about my job. Yeah…more of the same bullshit. If he gets a promotion I swear…….

We’ll see about that in a few weeks I guess. Light a candle and say a good word, ok?

With the news of the bonus, I stopped by Benny’s yesterday, it’s like Home Depot but smaller. Much smaller. I figured, if I have any hope of keeping my new plants alive I need a hose. That was a big problem for several years. We used to have 150 feet of it but it got smaller and smaller and smaller until there was maybe 25 feet left. LOL Yeah, The Toilet got ‘spritzed’ from a far which is probably why it didn’t do so well. I got 100 feet of it yesterday and didn’t ‘go cheap’. I didn’t go ‘expensive’ either but since I hope to have it a few years I think I got a decent one.

While I was there I noticed there were still some potted roses left over from Mother’s Day and some of those white pots I liked. So, I got two rose bushes and two pots along with a last bag of composted cow poop. They’re both tea roses, one is Moonglow and…damnit…I forget the name of the other but it was the last true pink that they had. I brought them home and potted them up. I sweated. Ick. I don’t like to sweat. Not ladylike. I came inside and The Big Guy began needling me;

Go out there and finish your work.

Eh, it’s hot. I’m tired.

I’m also one of the World’s Biggest Procrastinators. I always leave something undone. Always. It could be the last 12 petunias dying in their tiny pots. It could be piles of brush lying around the yard. It could be dirt left on the deck. Anything. Just so long as one tiny detail remains uncompleted I seem be happily miserably over it. hahaha

Go out there and finish your work!

I hauled my ass off the couch. I planted those last 12 petunias in the hanging garden. I wrestled tomato pots off the deck and onto the stairs. I brought the Calla and Impatient out of the house and put them on the deck. I gave everyone a big big big watering from the new hose! I even washed the dirt off the stairs to the deck. Happy with myself I went back inside.

Go out there and finish your work!

What? I am done!

Your boat?

OK, it needed a little love and attention.

Maybe over the weekend.

You know I hate it when you leave things undone. Go finish.

You’re starting to sound like your Son, shut up. That wouldn’t be ‘Raven’ that would be my hubby.

Eventually I dragged my ass off the couch again and went out to tend the boat. I even grabbed the little recycle bin to put brush in rather than leaving a ring over it around the boat as I usually do. LOL

Anyway, here’s some pics

See The Boat is coming along!

Canadian Pinks…I should have gotten a picture of them sooner! LOL

Harry in The Boat

Cowslip. It’s really coming along very well for a poor plant that was hit by the lawn mower for some ten year before transplanted! LOL

“Pinks” starting to fill up nicely and spill over the side.

Pretty but unwanted Soap Wort coming back. It will have very nice pink/white/purple ish flowers but, if you plant it, watch out! It’s very invasive. BUT the roots do make a nice mild soap, so that’s good. Just pull it, dry it, chop it and bubble away. Not recommended for bubble baths but good for delicate laundry and hand washing.πŸ™‚

That big black spot is Harry…again. NEXT to him is a very nice Strawberry returning for its umpteenth season! LOL Hubby wants me to dig it up and transplant it to a pot but it seems to like where it is.

Last shot of The Boat. This is the view from ‘the street’ as you walk by the house.

I did put hangers on either side of the front door.






New petunias in pots and my Bleeding Heart came back!

Let’s go around back now

On either end are the new rose bushes I was telling you about. If they do well in their pots I’ll put them…somewhere…in the yard come Fall. In the middle are the Straight 8 Cucumbers which seem to be enjoying their new home.

New Petunias in the hanging garden. I put one color in each pot. If it does well it should trail down in a very nice layer of colors! Cross your fingers…LOL

A view of the tomato plants going down the steps to the deck


The tomato plants again this time coming up the deck with the lone one on the left hand side.




See? I DID put plants in The Toilet. Yes, I know it needs to be swept and weed whacked but I DID plant it! LOL


CALLING ALL PLANT GARDENING FRIENDS…anyone have any idea what that is? It’s growing in The Toilet. I think it’s an apple or maybe a cherry but hubby swears it’s a blueberry. Any ideas????

There’s the current view of The Parking Lot. Looks ok, huh? I guess it’s nice to know that no matter how much a fuck up Lawrence & Memorial Hospital is a ‘good neighbor’ that from mid-May to early October my view of the steaming hunk of shit is obscured…no thanks to L&M of course.

That’s Ares The Cat. Maggie is taking more of a liking to him but not much! LOL. Should be interesting to see how this little ‘romance’ progresses. She’s already capitulated to the fact that Harry is King but definitely considers herself the new Queen! hahaha. She was outside with me yesterday while I potted the new rose bushes but took off. I called for her for what seemed like forever but she finally came home on her own so I guess she’s decided she likes this place after all.πŸ™‚

Tonight hubby and I are going out to dinner and to see Star Trek: Into Darkness. I’ve heard good and bad things about this flick. Look for my ‘review’ tomorrow!

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  1. Kristina Haecker

    All the plants look fabulous! I think it’s adorable that your cats are named Ares and Maggie. Makes me want to go reread the Of War series.πŸ™‚

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