Star Trek: Into Darkness

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Maybe I should have called this post “Waxing Nostalgic” or something like that.

I LOVE Star Trek. I grew up on the first round of re-runs of ‘Classic’ Star Trek. They came on right after General Hospital when it was still a half-hour show. I watched it religiously. I was even Spock for Halloween one year and I still have the slightly tattered costume along with an old plastic cup, a phaser, and a Spock and McCoy doll…all of which sit right over this here desk looking down upon from beneath a heavy layer of dust. LOL I had a Spock Punch-It Doll that I loved, well I loved those things in general they were great fun! I had a model of the Enterprise that flew on a little stick and cereal bowl that went with the mug but was lost long ago. One year my hubby bought me the book of specs for the Enterprise.🙂

Yep, you could say that there’s a bit of Trekkie (not Trekker) in me.

I went to see Star Trek: The Motion Picture all by myself when it debuted that weekend. I went and saw most of the Star Trek movies all by myself until hubby came along. Nobody understood my little obsession with this campy and obscure show with its aging cast of wanna-be movie stars. BTW, Star Trek: The Motion Picture….SUH-HU-HU-CKS. Really just terrible stuff.

But Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan redeemed them and the whole franchise. This gave rise to the adage; Even Numbered Trek Movies Don’t Suck. That has been largely true up until recently.

I’m the first to admit that Star Trek movies are about as ‘good’ as the TV Show. They’re campy. Melodramatic. Far-fetched. Full of bad and/or over acting. Not Academy Award type stuff to begin with. But I love them.

Most of them.

I also loved Star Trek: The Next Generation. It took a while but I warmed up it well and hubby and I never missed an episode for a long stretch. Ditto for Deep Space 9. I didn’t start liking Voyager until its last season then I watched re-runs. I was not then and am not now in great favor of a woman captain. Sorry. Not the romantic lead I’m looking for. As for Star Trek: Enterprise….eh. I liked Quantum Leap better.

Then it all went away. We got a few truly horrible movies that I don’t ever want to watch again before it went into a long coma. Then, like all good things and bad pennies, it came back. I was skeptical. Very skeptical. I didn’t see the Star Trek movie until I bought it on DVD at the urging of several friends. I adore it! I do. I think it’s the best Star Trek movie out there. We watch it often and I never tire of it. So I was excited to go last night for Opening Weekend and watch Star Trek: Into Darkness.

I heard mixed things about it. A lot of them. I love the last movie. I really like the new cast. I love JJ Abrams. So…what could go wrong?



Still trying to figure that one out.

What made the first movie especially great was that it genuinely kept all of the fla-vah of the original show and of what makes Star Trek….Star Trek. What sets it apart from something like Star Wars or Stargate or Star Anything for that matter. This movie pays lip service to things like that. They’re there but it feels like that’s only because someone threw them in here and there to make us peon long-time fans happy in some regard.

Case in point; You have to have a good villain to drive the movie and, like Bane in Batman, this guy reeks. I don’t know who this guy is but he’s not Khan. This reincarnation of one of the most Love-To-Hate-‘Em characters in the Star Trek franchise is just awful. Truly, he does suck salty monkey balls. The actor either had no idea of the character or the director didn’t care and the writer surely didn’t do their homework on this one. Very bad stuff. It’s like they watched the original episode ONCE, jotted down a few notes, and then said; fuck it, let’s run with it.

By the end, where it was clear where everything was going and what was going to happen in this ‘alternate universe’ I wanted to get up and leave. But I didn’t. I sat there and watched them blow to shit one of the heaviest scenes in Star Trek history. I bawled my eyes out at the end of Wrath of Khan. I cried like a baby! I still tear up watching the end of that movie to this day! They mutilated it before reaching into its chest and ripping out its still beating heart. That’s what they did.

I’m starting to think William Shatner was right and perhaps JJ Abrams is just ‘a pig’ for having gobbled up this franchise. All JJ wants to do is make some quick cash with it rather than putting any thought, effort, emotion, into the project.

Perhaps this flick will give rise to a new adage; Odd Numbered Trek Movies Don’t Suck.

In summary–Star Trek: Into Darkness IS a good Big Budget Sci-Fi flick. It is NOT a good Star Trek flick. Aunty Moon gives it a B-. Worth the watch if you don’t expect too much past the special effects and a few rather lame Trek-like zingers.

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  1. I’m a devoted Star Trek fan and have seen almost every episode of every series, all seasons, plus all Star Trek movies, multiple times. This movie was absolutely enthralling and was just as good as JJ Abrams’ last one. (I believe Abrams has produced the best of all Star Trek movies.) Do yourself a favor and go see this in IMAX 3D, and you won’t be disappointed. You’ve never seen space like this before! This movie ties into the other ST movies just beautifully, in ways that completely impressed me. It is great to see the origin of the friendship between Kirk and Spock. Before seeing this movie, I read a less-than-stellar review by Anthony Quinn of the UK’s Independent, which had me a little worried. Could genius Abrams actually flop? I could not disagree more with his review. His criticism was that it was too much to have two intellectuals on screen, Spock and Kahn, but this was not a problem whatsoever, and it certainly was never a problem in the ST: Wrath of Kahn. Can’t wait for many more out of this team.

  2. Coleman R. Roy

    Yes, these movies are bigger and louder than TV — and they come at you in 3D — but they are basically just new episodes in what their producers and financiers hope will be a long-running series of movies.

  3. I just got home from seeing it today (Tues) and LOVED IT. I’m glad I waited to read your review, or any review for that matter. Unfortunately, a fb friend ruined the surprise of Khan for me and I’m mad at him for that. I’m one that can really get lost in a story, good or bad and I loved Benedict/Kahn so much in it. Some of the visuals were a bit annoying (the glowy stuff on bridge). But I loved it all. It didn’t hurt that my brother used to work in the place that was engineering- which ups the “cool” factor for me. I love camp and the switch-a-roo at the end between Kirk and Spock was nifty but I’m glad they didn’t do the whole “Genesis Planet” thing. Heck, any movie with a tribble is s good thing too. I too am a huge fan and I’m glad that this re-boot is help, not hurt, the franchise.

    • I’m glad you liked it. I’m sure it will grow on me over time because I really do like the new cast. I didn’t like what they did with the story and I hope they don’t continue to ‘rewrite history’ just because they have an ‘alternate reality’ they can play around with.

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