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I was poking around on Facebook after a long day at work, catchin’ up on what my buddies were doing when ‘GOD’ sent me a meme. Yep, He did. BTW, is it ME-ME or mem-ay or Meem? If you know please tell me so I can stop wondering and probably saying it wrong. Yeah, when it comes to the word ‘queue’ I don’t say ‘q’ either I say Qwee. Is that wrong too? LOL Drives my hubby a bit batty🙂

Anyway, this is YOUR lucky day. I’m going to hand you this Old Witches’ Magick Wand and give you the power to do the following.


What will it be? What would you get rid of if you could?

I reposted it cuz I like it. Then I read some of the comments associated with ‘GOD’s’ post and I thought; Hummm….maybe my answer is incorrect.

See, I said ‘malignant assholes’. Was that wrong?

Others said ‘world hunger’ or ‘war’ or ‘poverty’ and lofty ideals like that. Others were funny and said things like ‘the Westboro Baptist Church’. Still others apologized to ‘GOD’ as they answered ‘religion’. None of those are bad options, not at all.

I figure that if we can get rid of all of the malignant assholes in one swell foop when we’ll be on The Path to Bigger and Better Things. I understand we can’t get rid of ALL of the assholes and idiots, what would we do without them? How would you know you were an Honest and Forthright Person if you didn’t have an asshole to compare yourself too? How would you know you possess a decent level of intelligence if there wasn’t an idiot nearby?

So we have to keep the, well, ya know, The Favorite Idiot Cousin in the family and the Loud Mouthed Uncle too. We need them for comparison purposes and so we can feel things like pity and empathy and, yes, sometimes anger and utter embarrassment too.

I would get rid of all of the people who KNOW they’re assholes, who go out of their way to be assholes, believe you should be grateful their stinky ass is even talking to you and who will continue to behave in that manner despite the best efforts of Society at Large. In fact, over time if gone unchecked, they only become bigger malignant assholes. Yeah. They’re gone. Toast. History, baby. Aunty Moon would wave her Magick Wand and make them all disappear along with any budding progeny they left behind…ya know, just in case it’s genetic or something. I’d also like to get rid of all of the people who know they’re stupid, do nothing to educate themselves, walk around saying ‘I don’t know what I’m doing…do it for me’ and have no plans on changing. Yes, whatever progeny they have as well. Too stupid to breathe unfortunately doesn’t mean you’re too stupid to breed. Bummer, huh?

My reasoning is two-fold; not only do they just make everyone miserable but, somehow some way they almost always seem to end up in one ‘position of power’ or another. Then they drag everybody down into the muck with them company included. That’s not good for business. We all know what’s not good for business isn’t good for economy. (Yeah, unfortunately what’s good for business rarely seems good for the economy/worker anymore but that’s another blog entirely!)

Now it’s your turn if you care to play. What, in your infinite Power and Wisdom, would you rid us of if you could?

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  1. I’m gonna be selfish and say I’d get rid of incontinentia pigmenti. So my little girl could be healthy and well again. X

  2. thank you🙂

  3. intolerance, i’d get rid of that so people would get more tolerant about and with each other.
    a bit like agree to disagree, argue about something but accept that someone else can and will be different and will have different view of things then yourself.
    that about sums it up

  4. Government and all self serving fucks

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