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Been a while, huh? Sorry about that. I’ve been busy…writing! Woot! 15 new pages ans we’re off in a direction I never saw coming and I can’t wait to find out just where it goes and how it comes back to the main storyline. Should be interesting. Well, let’s hope anyway.πŸ™‚

So much to catch up. I don’t know where to start. Let’s get the movies out of the way first, shall we?

JACK REACHER–pretty much sucks. Don’t bother not even for $5.00 that are burning a hole in your pocket. Can’t put it more delicately or succinctly than that. Sorry. I like Tom Cruise. I realize he never became a bigtime Action Star because he’s short and kinda skinny but his movies are usually at least a ‘B’. Not this one. I don’t know if it’s the writing or the directing or…what. It just never really gels.

THE WOMAN IN BLACK–good movie! I was surprised that my hopes were not dashed. Daniel Radcliffe is turning into a decent actor and he’s kinda cute too. If you like CREEPY movies watch this one. It’s not really a “horror” flick and it’s certainly no slasher flick. It has a storyline, not a bad one but one that could have been explored for 5-10 more minutes of screen time and it would have added quite a bit to the creep-factor. So if you like bloody movies with new and interesting ways to kill people this ain’t your flick, skip it. If you like to be scared and have your bones chilled a bit definitely give it a go. At $10.00 it was certainly worth the price of admission. I’m sure I will watch it again and again.

RIDING THE BULLET–haven’t watched it yet. Sorry.

That’s it for the flicks for this post.πŸ™‚

Hubby got good news today; he’s been picked up for the new contract! Even got a nice little raise! If you ask me it was sorely overdue…I know, your raise is probably sorely overdue as well. I know mine is. I’ll be at my job for a year in just 3 weeks…haven’t seen a raise yet. That’s ok. On the ‘up side’ I’m watching my duties decrease while they fall through the cracks and I don’t have the pressure. Nope, I just shovel the shit in the direction they want it to go. I do with an ‘I’m so sorry’ and a sympathetic smile. Less work for me. More work for them. I get paid the same. Ok, I’ll take it. For now. Besides, the New London guys LOVE me. Oh, they adore me. And I love them back, they’re good guys. I’ve made new databases tailored to the needs of MY office to better serve them and my boss, who I also adore. He’s a good guy. As to the rest of it; pucker up, baby! As Elvis once crooned; You Ain’t So Big. You Just Tall, That’s All.

Back to hubby, he’s very happy and he was sweating it this last week. The Changing of the Contract is never an easy thing. He hates it. I hate it. I think it’s stupid to tell you the truth. If you get good people into your place of business, why threaten to get rid of them? It’s dumb. Whatever. The Good News is his job is secure for 2 more years! He’s very happy. I’m happy. The people who were ‘renewed’ are happy. Those that weren’t…not so happy. Bummer. BUT, I can say that those who were not ‘renewed’ deserved it. For once slackers got the axe. It’s usually the slackers that stay because they’re ‘connected’ in some manner but not this time. That was good to see.

To celebrate, hubby is going to Open Mic tonight and I might try to tag along. I could use a night out and a few stiff drinks. I’d like to see him play. I should make my own ‘connections’ though I can’t stand schoomzing. It always makes me feel greasy and as though I need a good hot shower when I’m done. In the end, I think I’d rather stick my with my little $70.00/month from my book ‘sales’ then throw in with some of them. Of course, I know some of them from the Law Office but, they’re crazy so they don’t recognize me, which is niceπŸ˜‰

Here’s another reason why I don’t like getting together with New London’s ‘elite’…yes, other than they’re nukin futz!….


I LOVE that shirt! It has caused more ‘controversy’ than I can recall in recent days. It’s also garnered more comments on the New London Patch than the fact that my taxes are going UP! Yes, it has. It’s worn by a young man no one in the Outer World cares about but who, for some reason, is regarded as ‘up and coming’ within my tiny town. Of course, there are loud-mouthed yappers who don’t like it or him, for that matter.

Me? I couldn’t care less about the guy in the shirt. As far as I’m concerned he’s just another…well, he’s just another, that’s all. As for the shirt, it’s awesome. New London DOES Hate You especially if you LIVE here AND PAY TAXES. By the Gods, you’re the scourge of the Earth under those conditions. When I first saw that shirt I laughed so hard I nearly had an accident. Others do not share my sense of humor or that guy’s or the guy who made the shirt. Mostly they’re ‘Mayor Haters’ anyway so…who cares about their opinions?

The point is; New London spends more time caring about what’s on someone’s T-shirt than they do about taking care of REAL BUSINESS. Always has. Always will. All of my life that’s the way it’s been. We need more text books in schools? Well then let’s buy a statue for downtown? We need to fix the roads? Well then why don’t we paint murals downtown? We need to fix the sidewalks that are busted and cruddy? Oh, well then let’s spend more money on the failing school system. BTW, my school system is anything but. Do you know you can’t even take a Shop Class anymore??? WTF? So, obviously, we’re not hoping to produce any future City Workers at New London High School. We wouldn’t want to have long-time residents who would take care of maintaining roads/buildings/sidewalks and the like. Geez, who’d want THAT?

If it’s not someone’s shirt then it’s The Blame Game.


All it does is distract us from REAL BUSINESS.

BTW, there’s always been someone to ‘blame’ whether they deserved it or not. This didn’t start with our current Mayor and it won’t end with him. He’s not to ‘blame’. The City Council is not to ‘blame’ the problem is systemic and goes back to at least the day I was born. So stop pointing fingers. Start finding answers.

That’s an idea anyway.πŸ™‚

The ‘news’ informs me that the housing market is coming up….I can’t stand New London much longer…and kids are grown and mostly out of the house. Nikki and Nate will move out by the middle of next month and Becca is pretty much already out just not in a ‘official’ manner yet….I’d love to sell this house. As much work as we’ve put into it I’d sell it in a heartbeat for the right price. I’d like to move out to ‘the country’. I’ve always wanted a big old house. Of course at our age we could probably get by with some shack! LOL Just a rustic cabin in a big old field by a lake. That sounds wonderful.

What the hell? I won’t even NEED a sidewalk out in East Bumfuck.

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