Hobbitses and Their Love of Growing Things

My little “garden” is starting to take off. I took pics last weekend but only managed to get a few uploaded to my FB from my phone. Went out yesterday and took a few more. So far so good! Maybe next year we’ll actually dig up a small patch of land and try an in-ground garden once more. I cut the grass last weekend and paid very close attention but didn’t see a single pile of deer droppings. L&M maybe have done me at least a short-term favor where their stupid parking lot is concerned. Who knew?🙂

Yes, hubby got the old mower in shape last weekend. He put inner tubes in the tires that kept going flat, put oil in it, gassed it up, and I cut the grass. Only problem was; no brakes. None. I slammed my foot down as far as it would go each time and only managed to slow it a little. Bummer. Yes, I ended up in the bushes quite a bit. LOL When I was done and told him about the problem he said there were no brakes! I said; bullshit! A day later he came back and said I was right there ARE supposed to be brakes on the mower and he put some belt on backwards. Oh well. No big deal. LOL I survived and so did most of the plants.

All photos have been uploaded ‘full size’ to click on them to make them MUCH larger.

Let’s see what’s doing on the deck.


There, that’s looking a bit better, don’t you think? The plants are just loving this weather and the new hose! LOL We’ve gotten a good bit of soaking rain followed by gray days and then bright sunshine so they’re just busting out all over the place.


That “hanging garden” is doing nicely. It doesn’t get quite as much sun as it should, the Petunias out front are doing a bit better but I imagine in a few weeks this three-tier set will be flowing over the sides and making a nice cascade of color.


Yep, got strawberries. The plant in the boat is doing better. I should repot this one but, I figure, if it does well, I’ll either put it in the boat or dig that one up and put both of them where the rose bushes has been in the fading herb garden. Yes, that’s not doing well at all this year. The big oregano patch is nearly dead though it spread out well beforehand and is popping up in other spots. Bummer.


Strawberry plant in The Boat. Yes, I know The Boat is in bad shape. Still making a good planter so that’s fine with me.





Calla is very happy…as is our Little Maggie! I imagine in a few weeks the plant will completely take over the pot and by the end of summer be very big and bushy. Hopefully Little Maggie will too.🙂 BUT, as you can see behind the Calla, the Impatient is not happy. I told you it would die quickly but I’m still holding out hope.


The pansy Nikki and Nate bought me is doing well but could probably use a bigger pot and a little less sun.


Little Rose Bush is trying so hard! I didn’t have much hope for it when I picked it up from Benny’s but it seems to be happy.


This little Rose Bush is doing very well. With any luck, come Fall I’ll plant both of them in front of The Toilet and have roses down there next year.




Still hickish? Still ugly?

I think not. It’s a Work of Fine Art, I tell you! hahahaha


Cucumber is happy. I’m hoping to train the arms to grow up and over the rail of the deck in a few weeks.


Tomatoes are also very happy. This is the biggest one, it and another have flowers. Yes, I know I have to week the Phlox Box behind them! I’m hoping to be munching away on tomato and cucumber salads in the near future. I really missed those last year.


There’s my Rosie! Doesn’t she look happy? Yeah!!! Let’s hope she winters over again. Anyone want any rosemary? I love the stuff but I’ll never use all of that!




Pinks in The Boat. They don’t last all that long but I think they’re very pretty.

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