Time Well Spent

The book cover is nearly as important as the story these days. Sucks but it’s true. If you don’t have a good cover you won’t catch people’s eyes as they scan through the mountain of e-books available to them at prices far and wide. If you don’t have enough money to pay a graphic designer you have to beg your buddies or learn to do it yourself. I had no buddies to beg so I opted for the latter.

This weekend I set aside for writing. I mean I’m stuck at Ares bellowing; “Who the fuck are you?” And have been for a week. It’s time to move on, don’t you think? LOL But Friday the Cover Bug started biting and started futzing but only for an hour or two. Then Saturday I spent 8 hours straight right here at my desk working away on it. Then Sunday I spent another 7 hours on it. Two more after the first post I made yesterday. I liked the ‘second to last’ cover. It had everything I wanted it too but it didn’t ‘pop’. After 13 hours I was ready to say ‘screw it’. I took a break and let my poor back rest a bit. Then went back to it.

I’ve forgotten more about PhotoShop then I will ever actually know. I have try to remember that fact some times. The program is so big, so massive, does so many things, I think it’s nearly impossible to ‘master’. I really do. I think, if you have the time and dedication, you can learn a hell of a lot about it and do a lot of really cool stuff with it but you’ll probably never learn *everything* it does.

I took the ‘second to last’ cover and added in a picture of The Parthenon. I futzed with it and got it blend very well. It looked nice enough but….after an hour of playing with it we ditched it. I tried adding in a picture of ‘Rose’. Nah. I tried adding a picture of ‘Nora’. Nah. That red theme ended up with 8 variations! Yes, I have 8 covers in the red theme and 3 in the blue theme. I thought about a bombed out city or a motorcycle crew going down the road but didn’t go after those. Then I remembered that lovely blue wash I was able to use on “Dream Weaver”. Of course forgot how to do it.

It’s in the ‘filters’, I heard a little voice say.

Ok, in filters. I futzed with the lightning for quite a while, that was fun and added a nice little glow but I had to keep it moving it around so a certainly section wasn’t directly highlighted. Then I finally found the ‘wash’. Blue Omni lighting. I clicked it. Left it at the standard setting. Hit ‘ok’ and went…HOLY SHIT! That’s IT! Cut. Print. We’re outta here! Woot-woooot!

Yeah, it finally popped and I was pleased as punch with myself.🙂

I put it up here and on FB, people seemed to like it very much on FB. I think we definitely have a winner and no more futzing will be required. We’ll have our standard back cover for print. And I think….we’re ‘ok’ in other departments. I think it blends well enough to give them impression but not to piss anyone off. Ok, maybe they’ll be a little miffed if they ever stumble across this series but not outright pissed. That would be good. I really really really wanted it. This is the LAST story. I had to do it. Just had to.

Now I have to get to work. Oh joy! When I get home I’ll add the cover to the site with a ‘Coming 2014’. Maybe we’ll whet a few appetites.


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