Paid to Stalk

Or to lurk.

However you want to say it but I think of it more as stalking and you’ll probably see why as we go along.

As previously discussed many times in Ye Olde Blog; Once Upon a Time There Was The News and we all watched it at the dinner hour with our Swanson TV dinners in their little foil tins. Then the tins became microwavable, ready in six minutes, and The News went away. Funny how those two things started happening around the same time, huh? I blame the microwave for beginning the war on people’s attention spans and interest. I do.

More and more The News has become Entertainment Daily as they pepper ‘serious news’ with things on people’s Facebook pages, Twitter feeds, and YouTube Videos. Today they brought me a story on Paris Jackson who may have tried to harm herself yesterday. That’s a shame. She’s turning into a very beautiful young woman. BUT it was the running of her Twitter feed that got my goat. It really did.

“Lately her Twitter has been filled with song lyrics like this one…”

DUH. She’s freakin’ 15! At 21 my Rebecca still fills her FB with song lyrics.

I couldn’t understand when something like that became ‘news’. How do they even find out this crap?

Then I realized someone…probably many someones…are actually being PAID to stalk these people on the Internet. Yes, they’re PAID to ‘follow’ people on Twitter, read TMZ, read celebrity/gossip websites, continually hit someone’s FB page, read their blog incessantly and, well, just make a general pain in the ass out of themselves.

When did that stop being a crime and become a job???

Yeah, and, btw, how do I get in on it?

More than that, other people…or maybe the same people…are PAID to blog and post and Tweet on the Internet. Company’s hire people…with degrees no less!…to do things like that. A degree? Really? In marketing? So I can keep my ‘ad’ to 140 characters and maybe even slide in some type of snide yet sweetly veiled jab at the competition?

When did that stop being a pass time and become a job???


Do these…ah….’reporters’….make as much money as the real reporters those few left out there in the field trying their best to report serious news in between the latest diet craze, wacky YouTube Video, and court scandal? In a world where the news come to the reporter because everyone and their brother has a cellphone camera, where’s the need for the reporter? I sort of miss him. I do. Walter Kronkite and Peter Jennings, Harry Reasoner and the like. Now I have Jon Stewart. I love Jon but I would still like one anchor/reporter of the Old School Variety that I could trust.

Until then I guess I’ll just have to start stalking websites and blogs and FB pages and Twitter feeds.

Oh bother.

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