In the Middle

It’s been a nice weekend. Hubby got that bonus and he got all of his vacation pay (3 weeks!) for the ending of the contract. Needless to say this left us with something that’s rarer than a Blue Moon…money. Extra money. Spending money. Disposable income.


That is always a very cool thing for us lower-middle-income folks. And being lower-middle-income and having been p-o-o-r we like to share the wealth whenever it happens to trickle our way. Yes, we like to tickle the economy as much as anyone it’s just that we don’t get as many opportunities to do it. Hubby has all of his bike parts and is assembling as we speak. Only thing left is a new seat–not a need but a want–and registration/insurance–definitely a need. With any luck, we’ll be out zipping around by next weekend! Woot!

We took the whole family out to Outback last night. That was a real treat! Yep, all six of us and ordered anything we wanted without regard to price, well except for me. I’m always suffering from sticker shock. As we sat there enjoying our meal I started having a small panic attack as my brain kept telling me there was no way we were going to be able to pay for this extravagant meal and we’d all end up washing dishes in the back before the night was over!

But…the debit card worked just fine. All was well. I can’t ever remember plunking down $200.00 on dinner before. Nope. Never. Probably be a long ass time before I do it again too.πŸ™‚ Everyone had a nice time so it was worth it. Then we went our separate ways for the night. Hubby and I were off to Best Buy and the kids went home.

We needed a new DVD player in the bedroom. Ours is probably 10 or 15 years old and suddenly decided it didn’t want to stay ‘on’ any longer.😦 While I won’t say they’re ‘cheap’ I will say they’re ‘cheap enough’ these days. Best Bud was nearly empty. There weren’t a lot of people but there weren’t a lot of things either. It was sort of strange. Anyway, we went to the DVD player aisle and….there was a VHS player! Oh, I hugged it. I did! I wanted it, precious, I really wanted it. I have a cabinet FULL of VHS movies that I will never be able to watch again. By now, I should probably just throw them out. They’re probably degraded so badly they’re unplayable. But it was like suddenly stumbling across a cassette player (or an 8-track player!) and I got nostalgic for a few moments.

Yes, we left it on the shelf in favor of a new Blu-Ray/DVD player. $120.00. Normally I would have insisted on the $70.00 one but, it was nice to splurge a little and get something mid-grade. We also picked up two new movies to go with it; The Expendables II and the latest Die Hard flick. Yes, I know I need to throw away those VHS movies just to have space for my DVD/Blu-Ray movies…I’m very much aware of that! LOL There must 300-400 movies in the collection by now. It astounds even me when I look at it.

So we took it home and we hooked it up and played with it over cups of coffee and…OH MY! This thing goes online and it’s willing to bring me oodles and oodles of ‘free online channels’ I never knew existed! Who needs Dish TV when you have one of these things? Holy cow! I had no idea what I was missing, I can even get German TV on this thing. LOL

This morning, hubby and I decided that we would go out and get a NEW microwave! AND some clothes for ME!

Ooooooo…’s rainin’ money, baby! hahahaha

To be fair our microwave was purchased from a local pawn shop some 10 years ago. It never worked quite right but ‘good enough’ for $40.00. It’s old and it’s, well, it’s totally rusted out on the inside and lets off this godawful odor that fills the kitchen whenever we use it. I figured we must be radiating ourselves fairly well by now. It’s siting outside my window on the curb along with the DVD player as I type this and no one has picked up either of them. No one. Usually if you put something on the curb around here it’s gone in five minutes no matter what it is. So…yeah, it was time for it to go. Well past time actually. We checked on line, tried the local pawn shop but they didn’t have anything. In fact, they had an over abundance of power-tools which I found sad. I don’t think those work tools were traded in for new ones but for rent money. That sucks.

We went to Ye Olde Home Depot and for another $120.00 we got a nice new Magic Chef. It’s about the same size and wattage as the last one but it’s shiny and non-smelly. Good deal.

We also went to Sally’s Alley for clothes. That’s the Salvation Army for those of you who don’t know and, on the whole, it’s the only place I shop for clothes. Maybe once in a great while I’ll splurge on Burlington Coat Factory or Marshalls but not very often. As a woman I hate shopping for clothes. Period. It sucks. It sucks even more now that I’m nearing my 47th birthday and, suddenly, am no longer that sweet little size 4 I once was. Oh! When I went to the hospital and they put me on the scale and I looked down and saw my weight for the first time in two decades, I nearly burst into tears. other than pregnancy, I’ve never been over 105lbs in my life.

Not anymore. I am now a victim of the Middle Aged Spread.

Total bummer.

BUT I was down to 3 pairs of jeans that I’ve been wearing for the last two years so…again…it was time to bite the bullet.

I was happy to discover that I haven’t gone from a 6 to an 8…not yet anyway. Although I did buy one pair of size 8 petite slacks, they’re white and won’t last the summer. They’re also St. John’s Bay, never been worn, still have the original price tag on them which made them $13.00 which is very steep for Thrift Store Shopping. I almost didn’t get them. I also got a nice pair of dark green Gloria Vanderbilt jeans, plush, very good and nice fitting. A pair of black slacks by Ann Taylor and a pair of khaki–ish slacks. I couldn’t find a single pair of jeans that I liked enough to try not. Not ‘hippie’ enough. I like bell-bottoms and button-flies, you keep skinny jeans.

I picked up several shirts mindful of the size and material as I left my bra at home.πŸ™‚ Yeah, the ONE GOOD THING about gaining this weight is I have dynamite set of tits now! Never had those before. They go with the new hips that were installed along with the ass. LOL For the first time in my life I had to leave a few shirts that I liked behind because they wouldn’t button over my tits. They would have made nice cover shirts for the tanks but…nah.

By the time all was said and done, I walked out of Sally’s Alley with a big bag of new-to-me clothes for $50.00. Try doing that at Wal-Mart.

Anyway, with any luck at all, now that my ‘year anniversary’ is over and done with and I am officially menopausal I’m hoping my hormones settle down and allow me to lose a little weight. In any event, it is nice not to have hot-flashes any longer.πŸ™‚ They really sucked. Not my favorite. Not at all.

I think our little spending spree is over…mostly. I still need new underwear. After that extravagant purchase, we’ll save whatever’s left but it was sure was cool to just go out and get whatever we needed instead of putting it off for years on end.

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  1. how cute!!! you think the hot flashes will stop at 47 lol. baby ask Lisa they linger and ninja attack. LOL

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