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Awww, man, ya know, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; An Indie Writer’s Work is NEVER Done!


I bought that ad for The Romance Reviews Summer Fling and people have been coming in today. Go on hit it, if you’re a member of the site you can play the game. I joined in on the Hangman Game instead of the regular Q&A just for shits n giggles. I think you’ll like my answer…hehehe

For the next few days it’s one of ‘my’ days for this event so lots of traffic will be coming my way. I’ve been watching people come in, hits are strong, but as usual, they’re mostly playing the game associated with the event and not going any further. I was trying to come up with ways to entice them to stay on my site for a bit and check out the series. I put up the promo ad with a link to the series main page and while I was there thought maybe the layout was a bit prohibitive. I changed it…on all of the pages, not just the ones associated with “Rising Son”, which is our giveaway in and gateway from this event. I thought maybe having the books tiles down the side was confusing people and making the eye go a bit wonky so I took the book covers off the sidebar. Since most of the pages are short anyway, I made a nice display at the bottom of each page for the books. That should make them easier to find and navigate. Looks nice too🙂

the heart of war lisa beth darling

child of war lisa beth darling christmas eve on olympus lisa beth darling
rising son lisa beth darling women of war lisa beth darling

window on herbs lisa beth darling
sex love magick lisa beth darling the shame of eminent domain lisa beth darling dream weaver lisa beth darling
obsession lisa beth darling the limikkin lisa beth darling

indian leap,yantic,norwich,connecticut,waterfall,photography

Only time and my stats will tell if that works or not. It did tighten the pages up nicely and make them a bit more attractive to the eye. I may have to add borders around each cover for people to understand that they’re links.

While I was there I fixed my METAs. I found myself adding in the words ‘indie author’ and ‘indie writer’! LOL Oh my Gods! Who the hell ever thought those would be considered SELLING POINTS! hahaha My, how times have changed. But the stats bear out the people DO search for indie writers. Since I am one, I guess it’s time to come out of the closet–so to speak–and wear the badge a bit more proudly. I already dumped ‘Moon Mistress Publishing’, anyone who hits the main page gets the main graphic that introduces me and not my publishing company.

While I was futzing around with my stuff, I remembered I had to go over to Smashwords and find out if “Women of War” was ever accepted to the Premium Catalog.

It wasn’t.

Damn it!

I wouldn’t really care BUT, for me, iBooks outsells NOOK, and if I can’t get into iBooks via Smashwords their Premium Catalog I’m a bit screwed. So I went back to the file and as I was fixing it realized a MAJOR error!


I inserted a graphic as a ‘place holder’ meaning to get back to it and put in a real graphic and never got to it!


Where Eros saw the symbol on the Golden Chastity Belt and believed it to be Ares’…it was all wrong. I had


I went online and poked around and couldn’t find anything that equaled what was in my head for a cross between Ares’ symbol and Cernunnos’ symbol so I went to PhotoShop and came up with


Phew. Much better.

Then I ran around to Smashwords, Nook, and Kindle fixing the damn file! Then I realized 3 of the chapters never got picked up and had to go back and reformat the whole damn thing!


No, it’s never done. No matter how much you think you got it right or that’s it’s ‘finished’ it never is. There’s always one more thing, one tiny tweak, one small bit of useful information garnered from the precious stats, that you can turn to your advantage. Always.

On the Internet vying for hits and sales every little advantage matters.

Tomorrow I’ll fix the print file for “Women of War”. Anyone out there with those books…hold on to them! The error could be worth something some day!🙂

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