Changing Tide-Americans in the Workforce

I read an article today with great interest and a little bit of hope.

More Americans Quit Jobs. At first glance it looks like a typo or a WTF moment but, even before I clicked the link, I had an inkling what was up.

Lately the economy has been better. That choke hold around the throats of Middle America has actually loosened to a point where can do more than just gasp for air. I don’t know how it happened. I don’t know who’s to thank–not Exxon or WalMart, that much I do know. Let’s just say Thank You to the Cosmos and be happy with that, hey? While breathing is absolutely wonderful stuff it can be bad for business.

You know, sort of like when Gutenberg invented the printing press and moveable type?

Yeah, Us Peons, we damn Huddled Wretched Masses, if you give us bastards an inch we’ll take two!🙂

The article has many reasons for this sudden shift from Employer Marketplace to Employee Marketplace—or the transitioning process anyway—one is that more jobs are available. Those who had to take ‘lesser jobs’ are now finding work in their chosen fields or in ‘better’ fields. Those jobs come with better pay. Duh. The experts say this a good thing and a sure sign of a rebounding economy because as those people move ‘up’ those who are still jobless can now get the crappy-low-paying job and re-enter the workforce.

Other people are simply leaving. They’re not retiring. They’re leaving on their own or, more likely, they’re being ‘forced out’ due to lousy working conditions. Not necessarily crappy pay but other factors. Crappy boss. Crappy co-workers. Crappy hours. Crappy time off. Tired of feeling ‘put upon’ all of the time. In other words; they’ve had it. They want something better and they’re willing to roll the dice to get it.

Like the Christians who suddenly HAD the Bible in THEIR hands and learned to read it for themselves, these people are questioning motives and truths as they sift through the lies they’ve been told for so long. Now that they can read, or see, or understand, these people seem to have found something a lot of us have lost; self-respect. If they can find it then surely those of us who are looking for it can find it too. Perhaps they’ll even show us the way to Old Fashioned Notions like self-esteem, voracity, integrity, and even more. Let’s face it, they’re pretty lost to us too at the moment.

This economy this Recession/Depression took it out of 98% of us, it nearly crushed us, and it certainly dehumanized us. It threatened to make us into Good Little Drones and it still does. But like in any group there are those who will choose their own course, the beat of their own drum, and not fall to their knees to beg at the feet of the Master for his fatty scraps like a hungry abused dog.

It seems their number is growing.

Yes, it gives me hope.

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