Getting Older or Dying…Dunno Know Anymore

Nope, I don’t know anymore. I can’t tell the difference between ‘I’m sick’ and ‘Oh man, I need a doctor’. Weird, huh? Ok, admittedly if I had more experience with/trust in the doctor I might not have this particular problem. LOL

I felt a little run down yesterday, physically and mentally. I just sat on the couch yesterday watching TV with the Big Guy asking me if I was alive or not. I felt funky so I didn’t bother with doing too much.

Last night I got hit with some bug…or something. I dunno. I was asleep and dreaming and I dreamed that someone was trying to shove their thumb into my Third Eye. I mean…really just get right through the bone into the gray matter up there. Just so I was completely aware of what was happening my dream was kind enough to show me an image sorta like this one


It HURT! I swore someone was trying to kill me. Or maybe just part of me as I type this and look back on it. I woke up thinking I was dying and realized I had the horrible headache so bad I thought I had an aneurism that was bursting and was about to die. Then, as I sat on the toilet, covered in sweat, and puking what little I’d eaten that day, Arnie spoke up at he often does;

It’s not a tumor.

Kindergarten Cop, anyone? I love that silly movie.

I must have gotten to puke 5 or 6 times with a head hurting so bad it made me whimper and I didn’t know that strange sound was coming from my own throat for a little while. The last couple of times I bolted to the bathroom I threw up….foam. Nothing but foam. Not bile. Foam. It was hard to get out too. Then I thought;

Ok, so it’s not a tumor I’ve just got Major Falls, that’s all

I know it’s difficult to contract or die from a fictional disease.

I stumbled to bed and made hubby put his hand on my head. He thinks I am crazy! But for 30 years, every time I’ve had a headache or bad stomach ache or any type of ache like that, if he puts his hand on it then it instantly feels better. I was able to fall back to sleep almost immediately. I slept through the night with no one trying to kill me in my dreams. That was nice.

Got up this morning, hubby said for me to stay home but I can’t. I’ve got letters to get out today. I figure, since I feel kinda-sorta-ok I better do that. Maybe I’ll stay home tomorrow. Definitely leaving early today, it’s supposed to be a bonzer of a stormy day in a bit and that old truck of mine is really only good on smooth dry surfaces anymore. So, I think I’ll run in, shoot out those letters and run out. Come home and spend the rest of the day on the couch.

I hope it don’t rain too much. My plants are DROWNING out there. I don’t think the rose bushes will make it I think they’ll get root rot and die on me if we don’t get a few days of glorious sunshine soon.

Right now I gotta get it together enough to plow through a few hours behind the desk then it’s blanket, PJs, couch and TV.

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  1. that doesn’t sound too good. listen to the hubbie when he says to stay home. work will still be there when you’re better

  2. Hope you feel better Sis. Sending love and energy. thinking of you, me an ol Toby are having a chat. miss n love you all.

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